Sunday, June 29, 2008

People Are More Important Than Projects

That's one of the things we learned during our year in Uganda. Jonnes and Gertrude exemplified this truth as their home was always open. Literally. We could go at any time, as could anyone at Kasana (about 50 on staff and close to 200 children living on site back then). In addition to their biological children they had taken in orphans and that has not changed. Currently they have "about ten" living in their home!

Tonight we took them to visit friends who also have a Kasana connection. This couple came and spent two months helping us while we were in Uganda, and later went back on their own for a month-long visit. Jonnes and Gertrude thoroughly enjoyed an evening "down on the farm", observing life in rural America. Hey, what are they smiling so big about? Oh! That's a big one!

Not only did he catch it, he also fried it up for us and we all got to try some of his 16-1/2 inch wide mouth bass. Yum! The men threw all their other catches back into the pond.

And the ladies enjoyed watching, cheering them on, and chatting. Which we are very good at :-) What a blessing to be a part of the family of God!

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