Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Real creative headline, don't you think? 'Cause I'm feeling all creative today.

Actually I'm simply stupified due to all the food I ate a short time ago. We were able to get together with the 'kids' and had a big ole' grilling fiesta...pork loin marinated Cuban-style (lime juice, orange juice, garlic and oregano), then sliced about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick and grilled, along with a plethora of vegies done in my super-duper grilling pan, salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and the son picked up some potato salad and pasta salad to round things out. For dessert and in honor of Father's Day, my hubby's favorite: fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream.

Another one of those "last time we do this together" things. *sigh*

Here's a picture of hubby and son in the kitchen. Hubby is working on some of that yummy chimi.

Friday morning we picked up early and headed over to visit friends who live about 1-1/2 hours from here. ["Here" is currently Michigan where we'll be until June 23rd at which point "here" will become Indiana.] We had a great time with R and A who have become dear friends over the past four years. R was the pastor at the very first church we ever visited on deputation. He'd been a missionary in Bolivia for some years, not far from the border with Argentina, so he and the hubbs really hit it off and love speaking Spanish together.

Just about every time we get together with R & A, we play a card game known as Hand & Foot. Familiar with it? It seems everyone has their own peculiar rules and we just play by whatever rules the others want to go by. With R & A we usually play guys against gals and because it's as much about "luck" as skill, we take turns whuppin' each other. All in good fun of course. We played Friday night and since it was also R's birthday, we females decided it was only fair to let the guys win. Yeah, right! They whupped us good; normally the game has four rounds. We were so far behind after round two that we called it quits. No, we were not sore losers, we saw losing was inevitable and it was late and we were all tired.

And because we wanted to conserve our energy for Saturday's excursion to Saugatuck, which was very crowded due to a festival of some sort. But that just meant some extra vendors had set up shop in vacant lots and parks around town so that gave us more to look at :-) And some fine fish and chips was had by all at Chequers Restaurant, a Saugatuck institution.

We walked along the docks admiring the pretty big boats with names like "Nauti-Ness" and "The Office" and someone who's just as creative as me who named their boat "Boat".

We went to Oval Beach and walked along the shore picking up stones. A helped me find some really cool, very thin ones that I'm going to use to make a scrapbook page about our day.

It was totally a perfect day weather-wise and in every other way. Times that make special memories.

And what was most exciting?!

I can just see y'all leaning forward in your seats in anticipation...Well, let me tell you, A.Totally.Amazing.Experience! I found these:

Is the picture big enough and clear enough?

Yes Friends! What you see are five rolls of large, 55 gallon CLEAR PLASTIC GARBAGE BAGS!!! Woohoo!

I know, just too exciting for words, isn't it?

Okay, let's get real here. I honestly did get VERY EXCITED when I found these at a garage sale in Nashville, Michigan, on our way to Saugatuck. Nashville was having a little festival of their own with an antique car show, library sale (8 books purchased) and city-wide garage sales. We didn't actually mean to go through Nashville, but somehow ended up there. And we're always up for a good car show, library sale and city-wide garage sales. So of course we stopped!

I won't bore you again with our packing procedures, but when I saw BIG CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS I immediately thought of how much easier life will be going through customs if they can see what's inside the bags without us actually having to open the bags and LET ALL THE AIR OUT.

AND they were only $1.00 per roll. I knew I'd be needing to buy more bags anyway, and I'd pay a lot more than $1.00 at any store, including the Dollar Store, for the same amount of bags.

Wouldn't you get excited too? No? So maybe A was right. She said she didn't think most people would get quite that excited about plastic garbage bags. But then you didn't see the little happy dance she did when she found the rooster salt and pepper shakers. I don't think most people would get quite that excited about those either. *sniff* Each to his own.

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