Monday, June 23, 2008

Packing Progress

So this is our garage after finally clearing the bulk of the stuff out. Note the nice taped lines on the floor that tell us how big our container will be. And as to what we did with all the stuff? It's here now... Yes, this is a portable garage. So basically we've just moved it from one garage to another. But the point is, some progress is being made!

Several young men, having been fed a nice carb-loaded breakfast of bacon and creamed eggs over homemade biscuits, helped carry all the boxes from the basement to the garage this morning. Where said boxes are now stacked in piles according to size.

The next step is to load the pallets, with heavier boxes on the bottom (books and tools). On the tippy top of each pallet will be the most fragile items. Such as my wicker desk and chair. Or components of our air beds. But this will all have to wait as other matters require our time today. And this evening we head back to Indiana so the packing, it will be set aside until Friday when we make the return trip once again.

The going and the coming between Indiana and Michigan? I'm feeling a bit like a yo-yo these days.

In the midst of the packing on Saturday a special box arrived in the mail -- with my new (to me) sewing machine!!! Didn't really have time to do more than unpack it and check it over, then set it aside while we went back to work. Do you know how much will power that took?!

On Sunday afternoon the hubby and I took a little time to read how to thread the needle (so much easier than my old one!) and wind a bobbin (simple really, but it took me 20 minutes to figure it out). Then I whipped up another apron! This one is for a friend who loves chickens and sunflowers.

This machine sews like a dream! It's as different from my old machine as apples are from oranges...just no comparison! I am lovin' it! Can't wait to try out other cool features but wait, I must. I'm especially anxious to see how it will do with my machine applique projects (African memory quilt among others). I did just a couple of the decorative stitches on some scrap fabric and it's so lovely! Just gonna have to come up with a project that incorporates some of those pretty stitches :-) I definitely see a Crazy Quilt in my future!

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