Monday, December 8, 2008

Late In The Day Posts Are Better Than No Posts At All, Right?

It's 10 p.m. and I'm finally finding a few minutes to post. It's been a busy Monday of laundry, Spanish class, more laundry, a little cooking and cleaning, studying Spanish, even more laundry, and catching up on e-mails. I couldn't believe it when I looked at my watch and saw how late it was.

Oh, and for those in the frozen north, wish I could send a little heat your way. We have more than enough to share. It's 95° right now and I have no idea how hot it was earlier. Needless to say, laundry dried in a hurry today.

We still don't have a fan, so the heat's sorta getting to us. We are FINALLY going to Cordoba for the big shopping trip tomorrow and you know a fan is #1 on the list!

A mirror for the bathroom runs a close second. Can any of you ladies imagine going for MONTHS without a bathroom mirror? I have a tiny hand mirror, 6" across, that I've been using for all my grooming needs.


I realized at the end of one day that I had little chunks of hair sticking out beside both ears, and it had been that way all day I'm guessing. The hubby didn't say anything. Neither did my language tutor. I'm wondering if it's such a regular occurrence that it didn't even phase them.

I'm high maintenance in a lot of areas, but apparently grooming isn't one of them.

Of equal importance in the area of grooming, I may finally get around to buying an ironing board. Drying clothes on the line instead of in a dryer means they're not as fluffy and ready-to-wear as before. A little pressing would go a long way in improving my appearance. But for now I think the slightly rumpled look goes well with the wispy-sticky-out-hairdo.

Pictures will not be forthcoming. If I can't know what I look like, neither can you.


Debbie said...

I could do without a lot - but a mirror would be tough.

rita said...

You must be so hip looking with the 'mechones' sticking out.
You might end up liking the no-mirror ease.

Mari said...

Hi Kim - thanks for stopping by!I'm so cold it's hard to imagine you are hot. And yes - I can't imagine going without a mirror!