Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Day of Shopping

Most women swoon at the thought of a day of shopping. Not me. I'm not a fan of the shopping unless I'm in the mood. Which occurs 2.3 times per year, usually around the time of the white sales. Not sure if those exist here so that statistic may decrease.

But just 'cause I don't enjoy it much doesn't mean I don't have to do it. The hubby is great and does a lot of the day-to-day grocery runs but we both have to tackle the once-on-month trips to Cordoba.

Today the list is especially long since we also have to (1) go to the main post office downtown (someone sent a package which automatically requires us visiting the provincial post office to deal with the customs issue), (2) visit a store that handles Apples because my Macbook has some problems we want to address before the one-year warranty is up, (3) stop at the RegĂ­stro Civil to check on our D.N.I.s, (4) check out the one and only Christian bookstore in the province and (5) go to the bus station to drop off a package [this is apparently the mode of sending packages here, rather than through the postal service]. These are all in addition to the actual stock-up-for-the-month shopping extravaganza at several stores.

And we can't leave until almost noon since my regularly scheduled Spanish class is a PRIORITY people.

Should be an interesting day.

Our map is old. We are easily confused. The places we need to go are all over the city. I do know that every time we've ever tried to go to the bus station on our own it has been a nightmare because of the one-way streets.

In Uganda we used to drive into the capital, park in a secure parking lot, then hire a taxi to drive us around town to all the places we needed to go. That sounds very appealing but taxis were much cheaper there. So we'll be doing all the driving and navigating ourselves.

You may not hear from me for a few days if we get lost.

I'm packing extra chocolate in my purse.

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rita said...

I've been to a nice little Christian bookstore in Rio Tercero, but that may not be closer.
I wouldn't've thought ya didn't like shoppin'!