Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I didn't know it could feel fifteen degrees hotter than it actually was...

...but I am in complete agreement with weather.com:

Because it TOTALLY feels like 106°! Tina and I just spent an hour waiting at the bus station for someone who never arrived. This is an all outdoor station but it is covered so we were in the shade.
Doing nothing but waiting.
And sweating profusely.
Oh, excuse me. Southern women don't sweat.
We perspire.
We glow.
We.... oh, alright, so we SWEAT.

Came home to sit in front of the fans.
It feels like a balmy 96° inside the house.

We are both completely wilted.
Too hot to eat, and that's saying something.

My poor husband doesn't feel like eating for a completely different reason. He is spending his birthday in bed, contending with what we fear is a case of food poisoning. He was up all night, vomiting VIOLENTLY. He was too weak this morning to go to the doctor; thankfully that wasn't necessary since our local insurance provides house calls. They gave him an injection and a prescription that I will fill shortly. The pharmacy was closed for siesta when we stopped on our way to the bus station.

Instead of fixing him his favorite birthday meal, I'll be feeding him rice and grated apple this evening... IF he's up to eating anything at all. He's still having a hard time just sipping clear liquids. Pray for him, please. This is not how we envisioned celebrating.


The Bug said...

I'm so sorry about your husband! Mine got food poisoning last year at this time - he was in NYC for a conference & thinks the reuben he got from a vendor in Times Square was the culprit. He was sick all that night & had to fly home the next morning!

I'm trying to imagine how hot it is there - but it's so cold & snowy here that I'm having a hard time!

2Thinks said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon. So strange to read about such hot weather when I am living in about 16 degrees here in Michigan.


sara said...

i am so sorry!! i will be praying for quick healing and also that it is food poisoning and not a bug!!

I have never heard of giving someone grated apple....does that help?

Christy said...

Oh, Kim, hot and sick! Both awful separately but together ... that's just awful! Hope he feels better soon. And hope you cool off!

Mari said...

I'm so sorry - such temps and poor Ivan is sick too? I wish we could share a little - you take a little cold air from us and I'll take a little of your heat!

skoots1mom said...

praying some manuka honey your way...it kills lots of tummy stuff. Hope hubby's better soon, what a horrible way to spend a day. Prayers are coming your way, big time!

Kay said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon. That is NO fun AT ALL. ugh!

Don't mind me if I come and read and 'warm my feet' by your warmth. I'm sorry it's so hot for you right now, though. : )

rita said...

So sorry, Ivan.
I didn't see this yesterday, but God accepts belated prayers, I'm sure.
Do you take belated greetings?
Lo siento, hermano. :(

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

Pobresito! I hope your husband is feeling better and that you are enjoying your great adventure in this new year! Thanks for the comment, I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere!