Friday, January 1, 2010

Okay, so I've caved and am doing a retrospective

BUT it's a fun retrospective! I loved Mari's idea of taking the first sentence(s) from the first post of each month, along with one (or two) photos from that month. So here it goes...

I laughed so hard...
I couldn't breathe!

Early morning walks along the costanera with Ivan

I have only taken four photos all week.

A good crop of tomatoes in the garden

The ford. Where the water spills over the cement, the tiny waterfall pounds your back like spray jets in a jacuzzi.

The missionary wives and daughters enjoy tea on the veranda

We traveled into Cordoba Friday for our monthly pilgrimage...

Watching an artisano at work

The unusually warm weather had lulled us into thinking fall wasn't really here.

Ivan enjoys a visit with retired pastors Eduardo & Juan
(Juan passed away on Christmas Eve)

My computer went bonkers yesterday...I couldn't type or even surf because ALL THE KEYS were possessed and doing their own thing.

An anniversary trip that included stopping in this picturesque village

After a couple days of being on the go from morning until night and today being more of the same, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Other than Spanish and a root canal, I'll have the day free :-)

A winter break in Sta. Rosa involved some fun sewing

Yes, a TWO PART post for Project 365 this week.

A gaucho during the flag ceremony at an Argentine "rodeo"

Wildfires in the Calamuchita Valley spread devastation for miles

Everyone is pretty excited about the rain. Not only because we haven't had any in over a month and everything was dry as a bone and brown, but because it's allowing the fire fighters to finally gain an upper hand.

Teens who enjoy hanging out on weekends to play soccer

We've been fans of The Splendid Table on public radio for years.

 Part of the slide show at the 100th anniversary of the Grace Brethren Church in Argentina.

In the south we like marshmallows (actually we like any processed food) and here's a tasty and unusual way to use them...

Coffee and toast at YPF

Where did Monday go?
Oh, that's right, I cleaned from 9:30 yesterday morning until 9:30 at night.

Tina assembling a sushi roll at a multi-cultural get-together

Participating in Project 365 means I had a LOT of photos to choose from -- no easy task.


HELLO 2010!


rita said...

That was a fun reminder of your year.
The blurb book is going to be amazing!

Kay said...

That is so fun. Sounds like you had a busy year! : )

Mari said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures again, and I have to tell you that lots of your first sentences were quite funny!

skoots1mom said...

great review...loved the idea...
can i keep calling you 'JubiSista'?or with the year over do I have to give you a new nickname? has become a special remembrance of you for me...
We enjoyed a great get-together @ BS&K's house today with our families ...great food and fun together.
Hope you've been enjoying your first 2010 day :)

Lhoyt said...

Thanks for the review.
So glad you were able to spend some time with Juan before his homegoing.
No doubt at all but what this last was a very eventful year for all of us!