Friday, January 29, 2010

I want your best cooling off tips

One of our tricks is to keep lots of ice on hand, not only for beverages but also to make a nice basin of icy cold water which we use for rinsing out large washcloths that we wrap around our necks (or place on our foreheads when we're lying down).

[Okay, that was a poorly written sentence but I'm too hot and tired to change it.]

Do y'all have other ideas?

Obviously our bright idea of seeking out air conditioned places is not practical in an area with daily rolling black-outs. Most of Cordoba was without power for six hours yesterday, during the hottest part of the day. But we've heard of other areas that have been without power for even longer. Living in a town dependent on tourism has turned into a plus because they don't cut the power as often or as much in Carlos Paz -- bad for business -- as in other towns in the province. Which means we at least have our fans!

Today I moved the kitchen fan into the living room so we have two fans while we work on our computers. When I get done with this I have to continue with a project for our upcoming missionary conference. Do you realize how hot a computer gets just sitting on your lap?! I have a padded mailing envelope and a thick notebook of paper between the computer and my lap and I can still feel some serious heat radiating through.

It is supposed to be a teeny TINY, itty BITTY smidgen cooler today... only in the high 90s (yesterday it reached 104° but felt even hotter).

I'm counting on my internet buddies to pass on their best cooling off tips!


2Thinks said...

Oh Kim- it is sooo hard not to be giggling right now, though I do, do, do feel for you, I know you're very uncomfortable in that heat. It's just that it is 9 degrees here in Michigan and the only cooling off I can actually relate to right now is the kind you have to do when your husband makes you mad. (I'm not currently mad at I.T., but just sayin')

Oh, let's see...think, 2Thinks,'s just wrong, but all I can think of is "strip" and "skinny dip" Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sending cool love your way!

sara said...

ok, now I am laughing even harder at 2thinks comment!!

I say, put all that ice in the tub and get in!!!

When my daughter was playing softball, they had these bandanas that a gel iside them. You would soak them in ice water and then wear them around your neck. they stayed colder longer than a wash cloth. How long does it take to get mail to you from the states...I could try to send you some!

rita said...

LOL this crowd is hillarious!

My question: what do the "natives" do? I always hated that word ;)

I'm trying to relate, but it's hard.
I try to remember Mexico, temperature in the 100s, even 120. What did we do? Fans for sure; sat in the shade of a tree if there was a breeze blowing. Some suffered more than others. And I think the heat was a dry kind, probably more tolerable than yours.

Lo siento :(

The Bug said...

Just the other day in Walmart I saw these things with fans on them to put under your laptop to keep it cool. I didn't pay attention to how much they cost - but that would at lease keep your lap cool!

skoots1mom said...

i'd sit at a table to use my laptop to keep the heat off my lap...

we used bandanas with gel packs rolled up in them when dd played softball games

aloe is very cooling to wipe on your forehead

i agree with previous note, have a tub party with the ice water

so sorry it is so miserable...we're supposed to have an ice storm tonight, come on over!!

Kay said...

In the summers here they sell these little hand fans with misters attached, so you'd get a misty breeze. Can you spritz yourself and then let the fan blow on you?

Again, I'm coming to your blog to warm my feet. It's in the 20's and for a Texan, that's plenty cold. lol

Melissa said...

That sounds miserable! I totally agree with getting that laptop off your lap though. These things radiate SO much heat.

Frozen grapes are really good when it's hot. umm....maybe not your whole body but atleast stick those feet in that ice bowl. :) Prsy for wind. Wish I could bottle up some of this Lubbock,tx wind and send it to you. lol

Betty said...

We are so used to our AC´s by now, I don´t remember what we used to do, when we didn´t have them....
Today we are hitting 115° again and it´s just unbearable outside.
What some people do here, when they have no AC´s, at least for the night, they take a wet towel and use it like a blanket. With a fan going, it can be really cool.
The first comment was hilarious!