Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project 365, Week 2

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We haven't done much due to all the sickness this week so not a lot of photos to choose from. But I'm committed to Project 365 so here we go with what we got.

(Forgive the poor grammar, but it's been a long week and estoy muy cansada).

There are vast numbers of large, ugly, loud birds near Centro Esperanza (remember the dead bird high in the tree around Halloween?). Last Sunday one of them roosted on top of the car port area and I snapped this photo. There's a screen-like material between the camera and the bird, so it's rather blurry.

Tina enjoys daily strolls down to the lake and took this photo on one of her walks. As you can see the lake is slowly, slowly creeping back up.

A lot of companies like to advertise on vehicles, since they're driven all over town and provide pretty broad coverage. Each circle on this truck says "Jet-Set" and underneath "Carlos Paz". I have no idea what Jet-Set is, but it's a pretty snazzy truck.

Our tree is dropping peaches faster than we can keep up. I had no idea that piles of rotting peaches could smell so bad. Ugh. Ivan's going to dig them into the compost pile and hopefully that will cut down on the stench.

I don't quite get the whole boot sandal thing going on here. Why would you want to encase your ankle in hot lavendar leather in the summer? You can't tell but the heel is open. Interesting look, don't you think?

Our sushi extravaganza on Friday was fun and VERY MESSY. Which you can't tell in this photo of Tina with the finished product. Finding the jar of pickled ginger at Walmart last time made it extra special. Luuuuurve sushi with lots of pickled ginger!

Ivan took some photos of his current project today but I somehow managed to lose them in the transition from camera to computer :-(  So no photo for today.

And now, if I don't hurry up I'm not going to get this posted Saturday night and I'll have missed my first day of posting this year.


Joel said...
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sara said...

that really is one ugly bird!

so what about that area with the boat in the there water there yet?

I didn't know that the peaches would stink on the ground! but I sure wish I had some of your peaches about now!

and those doesn't cover it.

Can't wait to see your pictures from your vacation!!!

The Bug said...

Mmm - the sushi looks yummy! I should try to make some sometime - but I'll bet I'll be messier than you guys!

Those shoes are bizarre! I would be interested in seeing someone wear them - but I don't think I'll be joining them!

Mari said...

That's an ugly bird!
Glad the lake is rising again and the sandal/boot things are very unusual. (And I wouldn't wear them!)

Corn in My Coffee Pot said...

How completely wonderful to be living in Argentina.
I'm intrigued. I'll visit again just to see how things are there.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved making over the wardrobe for my daughter it was so much fun-- taking a true piece of trash...and turning it into a real treasure.
Thanks for the comment. C-you later!

Amy said...

Yep that bird is scary, but that sushi looks soooo good (said like a girl who lives in CA).

I love your pictures and your scenery is beautiful.


rita said...

I left you a response on my blog (Does anyone ever go back to those?)
And now about your pics...
I honestly like the photo of the bird, I said the photo. Not sure about the bird, but what is it?
The boots, bueno, eso es otra cosa. ¡QuĂ© horror! However, I'd be curious to know what the younger generation thinks of them, like Tina, Leah, etc...
The ads on vehicles reminded me of Mexico where walls are painted with all sorts of advertisements.
My mouth doth water for thine luscious peaches.

Cathy said...

Don't love the sandals at all, but sure would love some fresh peaches!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Stopping by from Sara's place. (I'm a newbie.) Weird bird. Weird, weird boots! Sushi...yum!! :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

weird sandal boots, don't think I could go there.

love sushi, skoots and I have it for lunch sometimes,

too jealous of the peaches, not the ones rotting on the ground but the good ones still on the tree.


skoots1mom said...

So glad sickness has said bye bye!
That ugly, loud bird looks MEAN, too! Do they have attitude?

Is that a 'used to be' dock? Maybe you'll get some more rain so the lake will be up even more.

When I was in Mexico city I was amazed at the sights I saw on/in cars and trucks...they are a flamboyant people, for sure.

Wish I could take some of the peaches off your Mom always has problems with bees when the fruit's getting ahead of them.

You reckon that boot sandal thing is trying to look like that 'greco-roman look? seems like it would be hot...especially for me :)

I am so 'wicha'..."Luuuuurve sushi with lots of pickled ginger!: I'm a wasabi girl, too!

We've had an emotional of dd's closest asst. youth directors moved to Mississippi today to work full-time at another church...lots of tears. But God so has his hand on her and she'll be going to some great local work and leading a missional team to Kenya this summer :)

Elizabeth said...

Those shoes/sandals are rather strange...
Interesting bird... I wonder if there was a reason for it being so loud...

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.

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SmallTownRunner said...

Mmmm, I love sushi with pickled ginger, too! And LOTS of wasabi!

Amber said...

there are some yummy peach recipies of youw ant them :) To help with the stench haha

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Awesome. I love the lake pic. The sandal/boot thing. I don't get it either. I wouldn't do it!