Monday, February 8, 2010

Almost no computer time

But I have a question and hope somebody has an answer:
I've been trying different brownie recipes in preparation for our annual missionary conference (I'm in charge of snacks) and EVERY SINGLE BATCH has risen during baking and then fallen flat as a pancake when I take it out of the oven (or even before) leaving a heavy, kind of gooey brownie. Tastes good but the appearance and texture are a little off-putting.

They've each been a different recipe, since I initially thought that was the problem. But after three batches I'm pretty sure it's something else. Anybody have a clue?

I'm not a fan of baking; my daughter enjoys it and I gladly let her take over most of the baking when she hit age 10. Obviously since she doesn't live here, it falls on me to do any baking that gets done. I was pretty dependent on box mixes but I need a good recipe to make from scratch for conference. HELP!


Mari said...

I'm sorry but I don't have any idea. It makes me wonder if there is a problem with your oven.

Anonymous said...

Add another egg to the batter.
See what happens.
I think that will fix it!

2cats said...

Are you at a high elevation? I think that has something to do with how baking turns out. I think you lower the temp or something.

rita said...

No help from me.
Do recipe or food blogs have forums or Q&A sections?

Sharon said...

I'm sure you know that the flour in Argentina is different from the U.S. I don't know if that would cause the brownies to fall, but when I'm converting an Argentine recipe to American (pizza dough), I add one cup cake flour to 3 cups all purpose.
You're on your own to reverse that.