Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365, Week 8

I was not good at taking photos for Project 365 this week, missing not one but two days :-(  Can't get too discouraged though; just have to figure there will be weeks like this every once in a while.

I've been meaning to share the progress on the house next door. The men have been busy plastering the exterior (stucco). In this photo you can see the block that hasn't been plastered yet. They're doing a really good job and it will look fabulous when it's all done. I wonder what color they'll paint it?
Houses are generally on pretty small lots and the buildings usually extend right to the edge of the property line or very close. Here you can see how near our house is to the neighbor's.
Have to say, I'm happy they don't have windows on the side by us -- can you imagine how awkward it would be to look out our dining room windows and see them inside their house less than six feet away?!

We spent part of the week in Sta. Rosa and Ivan really wanted me to be able to use my computer to check e-mail and blog. On Monday he wasted spent a lot of time on the phone with tech support trying to figure out how he could get the 3G thingie to work with my Mac. At one point he was trying to read tiny little numbers on the chip inside the 3G but couldn't so he took a photo and then enlarged it so he could see them better.
(I've blurred out the numbers since they identify our particular chip -- who knows what nefarious characters might be reading my blog and could use those numbers in the commission of a felony?)  (Okay, I have a seriously overactive imagination.)  (But I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.)  (And no, he never got it to work with the Mac.)  (Which wasn't a huge loss since the 3G thingie didn't work that well out there, period.)

On the way to Sta. Rosa Tuesday I had to make a pit stop. This was the sign outside the bathrooms.
Translation: MR. USER DON'T DIRTY THE TOILETS. Thank you very much.

No photos on Wednesday (spent all day cleaning) or Thursday (didn't even remember to take photos of our company even though I put the camera on the coffee table!). We had a lot of fun with our friends, the two Jorges and their families, who came over for asado. One of the Jorges just moved back to Argentina with his wife and three daughters after spending many years in the U.S. The girls will have a big adjustment when they start school next month! While they understand Spanish, they don't speak it much.

Friday we had other visitors. Ricardo and Ivan have been friends since they were teens. We always have a lot of fun when we get together with his family. Their two oldest boys had to stay in Buenos Aires for school and work. They love getting away to Sta. Rosa every year (and who can blame them -- it's a great place to get away to!).
Saturday we made it back to Carlos Paz in time for lunch with our co-workers and some of the soccer boys.
It's been raining off and on all week; not a lot cumulatively but it's greened everything up nicely. This afternoon we've had a steady, gentle rain and I snapped some photos of the flowers in our yard. Here's our jasmine -- it smells so good!
The next few weeks will be pretty busy for us. We have friends arriving from the U.S., our annual missionary conference coming up the first week of March, and then a few days visiting Bs. As. Hopefully I'll do a better job documenting our activities with photos.


Mari said...

I can't believe how quick that house next door is going up!
The jasmine is really pretty and I can only imagine how good it smells!

rita said...

La casa de al lado está taaaaaan cerca. ¿Te molesta, o no?
Sin embargo las plantas y flores siguen creciendo.
¿Ricardo era compañero de la escuela?
¡Qué bueno que sigan siendo amigos!
¿Es creyente?
Los jazmines...ah, ¡qué delicia!

The sign on the restroom door, so funny, addressed to men only, is something like the English one:
"We aim to please.
You aim too, please."

You have a lot to do and a lot to look forward to. May your back, your health in general, cooperate this time. I seem to remember that last year at conference you were quite sick and debilitated.

The Bug said...

You're too busy for me - but I enjoyed the pictures. Looking forward to next week!

Betty said...

I just got one of those chip "thingys" for internet too. We are traveling to eastern P. and I want to use it there. Hopefully it will work...
Your neighbors really are close!

Oh and don´t forget about the before and after pics of your office/sewing room redo. Waiting to see that, or did I miss it?

Tori said...

That bathroom sign is hilarious! Your jasmine is beautiful and I think I can smell it! :)
Great week!

H-Mama said...

I know some public restrooms that could use that sign. ;) It's amazing how fast & close houses are going up! Love the jasmine, Kim. Great pictures!!

Angie's Ad Lib said...

I used the bathroom in my daughter's dorm this week and there was a handwritten sign that said,

"If you sprinkle
When you tinkle
Be a Sweetie
and clean the seatie.
Thank You!"

LOVE Jasmine. I used to live in a house that had a trellis full of them on my front porch. It brightened my day just to open the door and take in their fragrance.

2Thinks said...

I have the same sign in my bathroom only in English. :)

Francine Rivers' new book, Her Mother's Hope, is fabulous. I'm just over half-way through it- savoring it. I like the characters- their personalities, how Rivers developed the personalities and what each sort of portrays to me. The story is believable, hard, rugged. It's infused with pain, the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit (in Marta's mother), perseverance and a love conquers all-ness. The main character, Marta, is sometimes harsh- and thus far in the book not too sure about God- I like that she is that real.

The book hasn't been released, yet. Soon though.

I'd love to have a Kindle! Enjoy yours!!

Lisa said...

Love the use of your (). :)

I think your week looks great even though you missed a few. Nice when husbands try to help us with things they know are important to us.

beckyjomama said...

The bathroom sign is a crack up!

Rosalyn said...

I always enjoy your pictures! I just have to remind myself the seasons are different then ours. We talk about your in my class often when we talk of different seasons and South America.

Amy said...

The jasmine is beautiful and I can just imagine how great it smells!! What a ingenious man that Ivan is taking a picture and enlarging it...he gets an A for effort, even though it didn't work. I hope you like your neighbors, it is like living in CA.

Great week

Darla said...

great week, it's so nice to see pictures from places around the world. thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

Love the jasmine picture! Wish I could smell it.

Debbie said...

I think today I'll make one of those Mr. User signs and hang it over my sons' toilet! I'll let you know if it helps:)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I've already missed a day. I went all day yesterday without one picture, but then it as Sunday so I took full advantage of my day of rest.

Skoots is not feeling well, she has a cold, probably got it from me :(

Beautiful picture of the Jasmin.

Blessings for this week!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Mr. User. That is TOO funny!!! I think I'll put up a few signs like that around here. Ha!

Lots of flowers and friends as usual! Didn't even miss those two pictures. Good job!

Lhoyt said...

I take it the friend is Ricardo Longhi. I wish I had kept up with many of my friends from 'way back.
I can practically smell the pungent fragrance of the jasmin.