Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project 365, Week 6

Lots of photos this week and even a video! We packed quite a bit into the week, with a trip to La Cumbre, another to Alta Gracia, dinner with friends one night, and Ivan and Tina took the Aerosilla up to the top of Carlos Paz. So let's not waste any time with wordiness. On with the photos!

All that talk about trips and fun stuff and my first photo is the bottles we're recycling. They don't recycle much here but we do what we can. We save these for our friend at the ferreteria (hardware store) because he buys huge containers of pool chemicals and then re-packages them in bottles like these. Obviously we need to stop just collecting and actually take him the bottles (it's been a few months).
On our trip to La Cumbre on Tuesday we stopped at the Eden Hotel in La Falda so we could get some photos of the hotel where Hitler supposedly vacationed (a rumor only, no documented proof) when the hotel was owned by close friends and Nazi supporters, Walter and Ida Eichorn.
The main purpose of our trip was to visit the Paseo de Los Artesanos, a winding dirt road leading into La Cumbre where a colony of artists have built homes, studios and stores. A lot of it was the same old-same old stuff we see in every tourist store in every city, but there were some unusual things too. We found gorgeous items handcrafted from alpaca silver at this place. Striking store front, isn't it?
I talked about the amazing meal we had with friends in Cordoba on Wednesday. Here's Guillermo getting dessert ready and then the final product. Gorgeous and delicious!
I've been working on a couple of small wall quilts with the idea of having a little etsy store to fund my fabric addiction. Here's the first piece I finished for it.
"Friendship is cozy, warming me like fresh, hot tea. Endless refills please."
Overcast skies and rainy weather pushed Ivan and Tina's trip up the mountain to the end of the week. Finally the sun came out long enough for them to take the Aerosilla (ski lift) up.
Even though it was looking a little iffy with the rain on Saturday night we headed to Alta Gracia once again, and this time the clouds blew over and we enjoyed our visit to the Encuentro Anual de Colectividades (Annual International Food and Music Festival). Here's a collage of  the Jesuit enclave that fronts the millpond where they hold the festival. Parts of it date from the 1600s.
We weren't so impressed with the food. Wanting to pace ourselves, we bought one thing at a time and shared it (the theory being that we wouldn't get full too fast). The bagna cauda from the Italian booth was pretty good but the stuffed pork from Poland, not so much. Shish-cabob from France was okay. The line at the German booth was ridiculously long when we were ready to get dessert so we grabbed something from Italy and it was disappointing. Oh well. Like fair food anywhere, there are really great things and not-so-great ones.

The only entertainment we saw before leaving at 11:30 was the Argentine folk dancers. Love their traditional costumes!

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sara said...

I was thinking that you are drinking WAY too much pop, when you wrote it had been a few months! ha!

so, so weird to see you in tank tops!

so did you get any of the handcrafted silver?!!

love the wall hanging and the colors of it.

awesome picture of daddy/daughter!!!

it is so fun to see other cultures dance their traditional dances and you are right, love the costumes!!

Mari said...

These are great pictures! I love the buildings , especially the silver store. Did you buy anything there?
I really like the picture of Ivan and Tina.

Angie's Ad Lib said...

I always enjoy seeing what your week will include. It's like getting a vacation every Sunday. :)

The dessert looked yummy!

Enjoyed the dancer; looks like fun.

I LOVED the quilt. I'm reading about quilting and hope to give it a try sometime this year.

Thanks for sharing your week!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

That was all very cool! I loved the 1/2 min video of the folk dancers.

rita said...

As always, your fotos are a treat!
The dessert, well, to die for!
Did Lorena and Guillermo go ahead with their plans to sell food out of their garage?
I saw Bodas de Sangre will be on the 12th. Are you going? Wish I could...
Love the folk dance and costumes.
Is Tina 'vacationed to death'?
The quiltie is b.e.a.U.tiful! What I don't understand is, how do you get so much done??? You amaze me. And you make it sound like all you can do is languish in the heat ;)

Debbie said...

That dessert looks incredible!
And I am surprised any hotel would brag about Hitler staying there. I'm shocked no one has tried to harm it.

Cathy said...

Love the wall hanging and that dessert looks awesome!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! You had an eventful week. That's what I have come to love about 365, it really gives you a glimpse into everyone's lives through the pictures they take.

Loved the quilt!


Corn in My Coffee Pot said...

What an exciting week. It all looks like fun; and is very interesting.

I find it interesting that there isn't a push to recycle. I can understand there not being an industry for it. But more along the lines of the shop owner--you'd think people would be more into using what they have on hand already.

The dessert looked yummie!

I really liked the quilt. And all your pictures tell a great story.

Amy said...

Your pictures are always so amazing. What a beautiful area you live in. Your wall quilts are just so cute. Let us all know if you open up an etsy shop!!

Great week


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

The scenery where you are--as always--amazes me. The dance was lovely, too.

skoots1mom said...

loved your pics...
great little quilt, well done!!
you have such interesting weeks
i'll try to do better this week in take pics
what did you buy from the silver shop?

Tori said...

Great week! I LOVE the quilt and the colors are stunning!!
You always have a yummy food shot.

The Bug said...

Ooh - you knew I would be drooling over that dessert - yum!

I have another blog friend in Washington state who teaches quilting sometimes - I'll send her your email address when I get home. Or you can look her up. She's taking a blogging break from her quilting blog but I'm sure she wouldn't mind hearing from another Kim who quilts! Here's her link:

Elizabeth said...

just a great week... and that dessert looks so delicious!