Thursday, February 4, 2010

Testing, Testing, 1...2...3

Our internet has been down most of the afternoon/evening. Rendering me unable to look up about half a dozen things I had questions about, preventing me from checking or responding to e-mails, and totally unable to read any blogs (guess which I missed the most).

I did, however, get some quilting done on a little wall quilt project I have going.

This morning Tina had her hair highlighted. She was the first appointment of the morning so had to get up earlier than normal. Not a big deal except we were out late last night (we are such party animals) so we're pretty tired tonight and I'm planning to finish this post and go to bed with a good book.

I'm re-reading an old Joseph Lincoln favorite, Galusha The Magnificent (published 1921). I discovered Lincoln's books in a library a looooooong time ago. All the ones I have read were set in New England in the latter part of the 19th century or first part of the 20th; the characters are a hoot and the plot lines entertaining. Here's a bit that prompted a chuckle:
Mrs. Buckley had not attracted his notice, she had seized it, served a subpoena upon it, and his provokingly contrary memory persisted in recalling her face, probably because he so earnestly desired to forget it.
We've all known people like Mrs. Buckley, haven't we? 

One of my greatest fears is that I'll BE a Mrs. Buckley to someone.

Okay, after that burst of honesty let's talk about food.

I've had some really good food the last few days. Last night we had dinner with friends in Cordoba; he's a chef and prepared a wonderful Mexican style meal: homemade tortillas with a spicy chicken filling. It was great but the highlight of the evening was dessert, of which I took numerous photos. Of course. One will no doubt make its way into this week's Project 365 post. But let me describe it for you now: miniature individual chocolate cakes topped with real whipped cream, nestled on a bed of berry sauce and drizzled with chocolate sauce. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Today we picked up fresh ravioli from Santa Margarita's (our favorite fresh pasta place) along with a creamy mushroom sauce that I reheated while boiling the pasta. More fresh lettuce from the garden tossed into a salad finished off the meal. Simple, easy and inexpensive. This is what I'll miss when we go to the states on furloughs.

I had more to share but am fading fast. Any exciting plans for the weekend? I'm hoping we make it to Alta Gracia because the big International Fair is going on, with food and music from around the world. I missed last year because I was sick but did share one of Ivan's photos on the blog. His favorite part of the program was the Paraguayan lady who kept getting bottles added to the top of her head until a stack of like 15 tottered there while she gracefully danced. He also had some great cake in the German booth. So definitely hoping we make it to that, weather permitting. Rain is in the forecast all weekend. Which we really need and have been praying for, but just hoping God arranges for it to rain before and after but not during the event.


skoots1mom said...

so much fun...
eager to see Tina's hair, the dessert too!
just got home from prayer groupgonna try to get a haircut tomorrow

the book you quoted sounds good...will have to check those out, literally :)
have a good rest

SusanD said...

Good Morning Dear Friend,

I have been so inspired by your posts and your friendship. Thank you. Please accept an award to you and stop by my blog today.

Blessings, SusanD

The Bug said...

I'll bet I'll enjoy that author just based on the quote - hilarious.

There you go again giving me food envy. I just ate baked doritos - NOT as exciting at ALL.

We're supposed to have a humdinger of a winter storm this weekend. It's already snowing now. We'll see - I'm sure there'll be a picture or two on my Project 365 page if it amounts to much.

rita said...

You were fading fast and still going to take a book to bed?
If I did that it would lay on my chest or pillow for osmosis-reading!

sara said...

of course I can't wait to see pictures of that dessert!!