Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A post that's all over the place

Not sure if it's the high humidity, the fact that I haven't taken a shower yet tonight, or that I just ate grapefruit sorbet that melted faster than I could eat it, but I'm feeling rather sticky.

We took a drive up the valley today and finally made it to La Cumbre, a quaint town with English overtones. Our primary destination was El Camino de los Artesanos, a dirt road out in the country where a lot of craftsmen have their studios and stores.

The air in the Fiat has never worked that great but it really didn't function well today at all so when we got back to town Ivan dropped us off at the house and went straight to the mechanic. He later said it was a long story he wasn't going to bother sharing because I wouldn't understand it anyway but suffice it to say the air is working better, but we won't have h*** come July.

Whatev. At this point the "h" word is not something that's passing my lips and I'm trying really, really hard not to think about it.

Started reading blogs and then saw what time it was and knew that if I didn't stop reading immediately and instead compose a post, I would totally mess up my personal goal of  not missing a day.

Try reading that out loud without taking a breath.

I experienced pain almost as bad as childbirth today. Or at least what I can remember about childbirth, which is clouded by the passage of over 23 years since my last baby was born.

Anyway... I'd gotten a pretty bad sunburn on my neck and shoulders Saturday when we had asado at Abram's. Today Ivan was teasing me and, forgetting the burn (which was semi-covered by a shirt with a collar), he grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and rubbed really hard. I.Thought.I.Was.Going.To.Pass.Out. I couldn't breathe the pain was so intense and I was afraid I was going to cause a scene so I ran outside.

Poor Ivan felt just terrible and I know he didn't mean to hurt me. It took about five minutes to catch my breath, stanch the tears, and stand up straight. The searing pain subsided but my neck and shoulders throbbed for hours until we got back home and I slapped our medicinal pack of frozen corn on the area to bring down the swelling.

Oh, you don't use frozen corn in that way? Well, why on earth not? It's perfect for that...the frozen kernals conform to whatever body shape you put it on, it stays cold a pretty long time, and since it's all self-contained in the handy-dandy plastic pack there's no messy clean-up like you have with regular ice. Plus it lasts a long, long time. Like almost forever. We've been using the same pack of corn the whole time we've lived here.

While I'm working on this post, Tina's working on a job application.

Yes, she's already started the job search process, and it's all been done online from 6,000 miles away: searching for openings, sending resum├ęs and cover letters, filling out applications. It's a whole new world!  Wouldn't it be a hoot if she has interviews lined up by the time she goes home next week?

And yes, her time is almost over. She's ready. I'm not. She's a fresh college graduate anxious to begin her "real" life. I'm a momma who's already mourning the loss of my "baby".

Yeah, I know, get over it.

So I'm trying to focus on how exciting it will be to see where God leads her next. I'm her biggest cheerleader so I'm dusting off the pom-poms and getting ready to do a little SIS-BOOM-BAH routine.

Right after I mop up my tears with one of the pom-poms.


JonMagic said...

Oh boy, I even cringed with pain reading your post! Ouch! I feel a little better that I'm not the only idiot that forgets stuff like that. I think I've slapped Natalie on the back after a bad sunburn before.

Will be praying for you as Tina gets ready to return home.

Mari said...

Glad you have a little air in the Fiat again. Sorry about your painful neck. I'm cringing just thinking about it. Thinking about you as you prepare to send Tina off. I know what that feels like and I'll be praying for you.

Kay said...

We use frozen peas. They conformed to my broken foot (long time ago) very easily. I'll spare you the story about using them when I stopped bre@st feeding. (ahem) lol

I hope you're not hurting as badly now. : )

Gentle hugs to you!

rita said...

What did I just tell ya'! What an amazing writer/story teller/creator because out of nothing an amazing piece, and hilarious. Oh, sorry about the pain/s though--the one like childbirth and the other child-separation, leaving-and-going-out-into-the-world one.