Thursday, February 11, 2010

Study/Sewing Room Project

I'm taking a quick breather and posting a photo of my dining room which is complete chaos.
Let me back up. Cleaning the kitchen cupboards yesterday motivated me to tackle the study/sewing room today. I got up, showered, and started taking out everything except the heavy furniture (desk, bookshelf and filing cabinet). I also took everything off the closet shelves. All of it -- every last bag of buttons, embroidery hoop, pair of shoes, ironing board, stapler and more (much, MUCH more) -- went into the dining room.

Which, as you can see, is still in complete disarray at 9 p.m.

My motivation was mightier than my energy.

Not that I've been slacking, but between the heat and feeling about eighty-eleven years old today, I am moving SLOWLY.

After the room was cleared out I scrubbed the study/sewing room.

[We won't even talk about the four buckets of soapy water it took to accomplish the task. It would be too embarrassing to share what an awful housekeeper I've been. Nope, we won't mention that at all.]

You know the domino effect? That played a role in the whole taking-more-than-a-day-to-clean-the-study. It meant also cleaning out the closet in the guest room, taking all the bins from the cubbies under the guest bed and scrubbing that room down too. Because guess what was in that closet and under the bed? Yessireebob, MORE fabric.

Hello, my name is Kim and I'm a fabricaholic.

I'm also a bit OCD at times.

How did that manifest itself today? Cleaning under the bed prompted me to strip the bed linens on top and since they're white I added the towels and while I was at it I threw in the sheets from our bed only then it ended up being two loads...BUT now all my whites are clean. 

All that before I could actually begin the job of sorting and organizing. I started with my fabric, taking time to fold neatly and separate by color. I'm in the habit of rummaging through the bins in search of just-the-right-fabric and not taking time to be neat about it. You can kind of see them at the back of the photo. I'm about 3/5 done with the fabric.

That still leaves a lot more to sort and organize: the remainder of the fabric, all the sewing notions, office supplies and the miscellaneous junk that accumulates in a study/sewing room.

While I was working on that, Ivan has been busy building shelving units to set on top the desk (which he custom built some months ago to fit the space). Having that storage will be WONDERFUL.

I can hardly wait to get everything back in all neat and tidy!

But wait it will. Until Saturday since tomorrow we have to make a run into Cordoba.

Even though the room isn't finished, I'm encouraged with what was accomplished today. Photos of the finished product will be forthcoming.


Mari said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. You'll feel so accomplished!

rita said...

And you still found energy to blog?
Never know what it will lead to once you dig in. It will be worth it.

skoots1mom said...

jeez...well done!
my whole house needs that...

SusanD said...

Sounds like a tough job. I love all the fabric colors and patterns. WOW! That's a LOT of fabric. lol. I chuckled at your age: "eighty-eleven" ahahaha. I am curious about one thing on the table tho... do you have a refrigerator in your study/sewing room? What's with the ice cube tray in the middle of the table? lol. Enjoy your clean space. Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

oh my word you made me tired just reading this!!! ha!

that is my goal today!

The Bug said...

I wonder if this will encourage me to do the same in MY craft room this weekend? Nah - that's just crazy talk!

Betty said...

Can´t wait to see it finished. It reminds me of one of my closets that need cleaning/organizing.....but I´m not quite "ready" to tackle that yet!

SmallTownRunner said...

I have plans to clean / organize / tidy over the next few weeks, as well. The kitchen is the first project. Bedroom closets will come later.

Kay said...

That made me tired just reading it. lol We're sort of snowed in and I've been doing a little of the same and totally cleaned out my kitchen pantry. Looks so much better. Looking forward to pix of your new room! : )