Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our friends arrived!

...safe and sound after a loooooong trip, at least for K. It took her four hours to get to the Detroit airport on Monday because of the weather, arriving just in time to board the plane. Which then sat on the tarmac for two hours while the plane was de-iced. But she eventually made it to Florida where she met up with her hubby who'd gone down early for a conference, and they flew out of Miami around midnight. I hear she was asleep before that plane left the ground :-)  After a four-hour layover in Santiago, they arrived in Cordoba this afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

We've already enjoyed sitting out back on the patio, some of K's special tea after dinner, and a good start with the on-going conversations that make our time with them so precious. Estoy muy contenta.

They're out for a little walk before bed, in the warm night air that's quite a change from the 20° howling winds of Michigan. I'm charging my Kindle (!) after putting away the goodies they brought. Besides transporting my Kindle they also generously brought the parts to fix the dryer, re-chargable batteries for Ivan's power tools (his one and only lithium battery had been fried when someone plugged the charger into a regular outlet instead of the transformer), a book I'd won from The Bobwhites, some much needed cotton undergarments, a couple of spices I couldn't find here, the last two issues of Southern Living magazine, zip locks in every size from snack to gallon, and probably some things I'm forgetting...and did I mention my Kindle?

Now I'm going to kick back with Southern Living.

Southern. Living.

Have I mentioned, estoy muy contenta.


skoots1mom said...

it's christmas all over again :)

so glad you are enjoying your friends and having your needed things in hand

enjoy your time with them

Mari said...

Enjoy your time! I know they'll enjoy that warm air!

2Thinks said...

Thankful for their safe arrival and for the joy you have of their company. Yes! You mentioned the Kindle! Want one!

Ziplocs in size snack to gallon?! Nothing can stop you now!

rita said...

Will you be washing and reusing the ziplocs over and over?
And all those other goodies. Wow! Happy times ahead, but for now--your friends!!!

The Bug said...

What a nice thing - to be enjoying fun stuff your friends brought, & for them to be enjoying the warmth. As you know, I've fried an important appliance in a foreign land - it's darned inconvenient!

Enjoy your time - & take pictures!

Christy said...

Tell K. and W. hello from me. And tell them it's still snowing. And tell them the next time they go south during the winter they should take me! (Seriously, have a wonderful time with such wonderful friends.)

Betty said...

I know what you´re feeling! It´s so great to receive things from the homeland! And a KINDLE!! On my wish list for next Christmas! I´ll have to blog about it more often,so my family gets the message.... :)
Have a good time with your friends there!