Tuesday, August 26, 2008

City Sidewalks...

One of the things I found most fascinating on my first trip to Argentina was that a block could have as many different sidewalks as it had houses. That's because each home owner is responsible for their own sidewalk. And apparently they use that opportunity for creative expression.

I'm kinda sad to notice that more and more are going the route of plain old cement walkways. BORING!

But some still do their own thing. Like this home owner who may be a bit regimented, and definitely has a thing for really big tile -- these must have been at least 18" square. (This photo is pretty washed out -- the sun was VERY bright!) But their neighbor is more of a free spirit I think. I myself prefer flagstone without cement mortar connections. But each to his own. The transition is quite abrupt at the property line. Here are a few close-ups. The hubby and I really liked these 10" terracotta tiles. He said when he was growing up formed cement blocks were common. These are painted but we saw some plain ones, too. And finally these square cement tiles. Hubby said the sidewalk had recently been re-done and whoever did it had not taken time to clean the joints well. Sloppy work irks him!
One more thing before I close up shop for the night. We're going to need a car eventually so we're sorta keeping our eyes open and came across this one today during our walk. There was no information anywhere on the car to indicate price or how to contact the owner. So we left a note on his windshield under the wiper and the owner called later. It's a 1996 Renault 9. Anyone know anything about this model?

P.S. Sorry if I planted that Christmas song in your head, too. It popped into mine as we walked and it won't go away. Now you can hum it with me! "City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style..."


86 My Social Life said...

I like the bottle on top of car thing :)

Lynn said...

It is so exciting to see the land of my birth through the eyes of someone who is noticing details for the first time. I have seen many styles of sidewalks, in many conditions (some of them even waxed and polished) but never took notice of them. Thanks for letting me see them with your eyes


junglewife said...

I can't believe I get to comment! I don't know if our firewall has permanently unblocked Blogger sites, but for now I am able to actually go to your site, and comment!

I have been following your story as you have been packing up and moving. Thanks for taking us along for the ride! I really love your writing style and feel like I've been moving along with you! Glad to see that you are settling well and sharing all your new cultural experiences with us. I used to live in Ecuador, which is also South America so things are somewhat the same but I find it very interesting to see the differences, like the sidewalks! Fascinating!

rita said...

Thanks for allowing us to walk the streets with you. Glad to see the sidewalks are in such good condition, not quite like some other places I've been.

s hoyt said...

When we lived in Argentina my chore was to sweep the sidewalk, we had the kind with the long little rectangles, it's a real pain to get all the dirt swept out. My other chore was to wax the polished cement floors (a joy you've yet to experience!)

Kathy said...

These side walks do bring back memories for me- I noticed the different sidewalks last time I was in Argentina (May 2008) and was amazed at some of the elaborate ones!
Love this blog.. I will keep checking it!

s hoyt said...

I think you should blog twice a day

Debbie said...

Fascinating. I would have had no idea about the sidewalks. I like the details. So what is up with the bottle on the car? That is too funny. Thanks for linking today.

afiori said...

Oooh, I like this!! Themed photography can be really cool - so clever of you to look down on the pavement AND document it like this!

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Jannie said...

city sidewealks
busy sidewalks
dressed in cobblestone style
on the cars there are bottles for selling...

have ya been there?
It will blow you away
and in front of the homes you will see..

Different tiles
Different tiles
on the streets there's a feeling
of mish-mash.
Some are clay
Some are nay...

(Okay, now sing it!)