Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Could See My Breathe This Morning

But it didn't matter quite so much. 'Cause our co-workers came to our rescue with sweaters, coats and TWO SMALL SPACE HEATERS. Woohoo! Definitely takes the edge off the cold.

Yesterday was restful, with time spent catching up on e-mails and posting on my blog, spending a little time with our co-workers, taking a siesta (didn't sleep but did rest), walking about ten blocks to the nearest market, and then watching my hubby fix a yummy meal of milanesas and potatoes. I kept him supplied with whatever he needed, including cheese and crackers to munch on while he cooked. We had not had "tea" after siesta so we were quite hungry when we ate about 8 p.m. Which is very early by Argentine standards, but just about right for us.

This morning we headed to our favorite YPF gas station where they serve the best coffee and have free WiFi, but the place is filling up with people watching the soccer match between Argentina and Brazil (the ultimate rivalry). So this post will be short as we need to clear out soon.

This week we plan to rest, get some necessary phone calls made, and make a list of the things we need to do to (1) get ready for our container to arrive in Argentina next month, (2) start the paperwork for permanent residency, and (3) talk strategy with our co-workers about how the hubby can help in the ministry.

Moi will begin one-on-one Spanish lessons with my tutor at the beginning of September. Meanwhile I plan to listen to the Coffee Break Spanish podcasts I downloaded before we left the U.S. Hopefully these will get me back in learning-a-language-mode. Especially since I haven't done much with Spanish in over a year. It's not to early to begin praying, folks!