Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's The Little Things That Might Kill Me

The feeling of relief was palpable when the container pulled away on Monday afternoon.

It was short lived.

The packing of the suitcases commenced. And the canceling of cell phones, post office boxes and checking accounts. And the finishing of paperwork and thank yous. And the picking up of glasses and contacts and prescription medicine.

There is more but I will not burden you with the minutiae of my life.

Except to say that at 6:30 this morning I was on the computer, finishing the packing list so we could e-mail it to the shipping company. I finished at 10:15.

I have lost our camera. I put it in my purse yesterday morning and it is no longer there. Nor is it in the bedroom in which we are staying, or the car that we are driving. It is not in any of the bags (computer, Walmart, overnight) currently in our possession. It's making me very sad.

I am going to take two aspirins and call you in the morning.

Oh wait! Tomorrow we will be spending the day doing fun things with our kids. So I will not call, nor will I respond if you call. I will be out all day. And for several days to come. Unless one of the airports has free internet. One of the airports where I will be bunking down for hours on end.

Eight in Miami.

Seven to eight in Buenos Aires.

Our trip was supposed to start at 7:20 a.m. Friday and end at 7:30 a.m. Saturday but...

Aerolinas Argentinas decided to re-do their Saturday morning line-up and our flight was canceled. So we will be taking a later flight. Much later. An additional six hours worth later. So now we will arrive at approximately 1:30 p.m.

So here's praying that they have free wireless! What better way to wile away those hours!

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rita said...

Probably not free nor wireless, but I remember a cyber café or 'interlocutorio' (I believe that's what it was called)there in the B.A. airport. Probably not expensive, but you will need change.
I was just re reading my diary from my Argentine adventure exactly a year ago.