Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Reflections

The living, breathing eyeballs are getting too much oxygen, methinks. I've had to take the new contacts out mid-day every day this week because they get so dried out. I need to get into the habit of carrying rewetting drops in my purse. Why does every new thing have a learning curve?

Had a wonderful weekend getting to know new people and re-connecting with old friends at one of our supporting churches. Had fun teasing our hosts last night, a couple about our age who (like most people) are a little surprised to find old more mature folks heading to the field as "new" missionaries. I warned Sherrie that our journey all started when we hosted a missionary family many years ago :-)

The daughter loaned us her car, a 1982 Mercedes Benz Diesel which, as she puts it is not a good get-away car :-) Reminds us of the Fiat Uno we used while in Argentina last year. Not a high-powered car to begin with, and then it was retro-fitted to run on natural gas which slowed it down even more. But if a car gets you from Point A to Point B, what more can you want?

And it was nice to offset the cost of our trip by partially filling the tank with the 5 gallon bucket of waste vegetable oil the daughter had filtered and stashed in the trunk.

Now the last meeting is over, our traveling for deputation done. A truck will come with a container tomorrow and all our earthly possessions will be loaded into it. It will be trucked from here to Detroit, then put on a train for New York where it will be stacked in a large ship bound for Buenos Aires. We fly out of Detroit at 7:20 a.m. Friday and arrive in Cordoba, Argentina at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. In a month the hubby will take a bus to B.A. and with the help of a despechante will (hopefully) get our things through customs and then another truck will transport the container on its final leg of the journey to Carlos Paz.

After being somewhat homeless for a few months now (neither the parsonage nor my in-laws really felt like home) I'm hoping we can locate an apartment or house to rent within a couple of months. I'm SO ready to "nest" again. The housing market in Carlos Paz is tight with a huge influx of folks moving there from Buenos Aires, so this is a matter of prayer. When we were there last year we talked to a couple of realtors and at that time there was simply nothing available. I know God is in control and we'll find a place in His time. But it doesn't hurt to pray that it won't be long before we can call a place "home" again.

Tonight the daughter told me about What a great site! It's so easy to manipulate photos and add text to create new banners -- I'll probably be changing mine every month now :-) I wanted my bloggy "home" to be a happy place and I thought this photo that hubby took recently conveys that feeling. What do you think?

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