Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're Feelin' The Love!

We were up pretty late last night helping the daughter with the tie-dye marathon -- with most satisfactory results! Aren't those onesies just too cute for words?! We also did a boat load of t-shirts but you can't see those in the photo.

I think the daughter's partial to onesies 'cause she lived in 'em the first few months of her life. She was born in south Florida near the beginning of September. A cousin who had a daughter 7 months older sent a suitcase full of clothes, including 27 dresses -- by the way, wasn't that a cute movie? 27 Dresses, I mean -- which was largely a waste since the only time I ever put her in anything but a onesie was on Sunday morning for only as long as it took to go to church and back. She never came close to wearing all those dresses. But they looked pretty hanging in her closet. Which didn't so much resemble the closet in 27 Dresses. 'Cause 3 months to 12 months size clothing just doesn't quite spill out like bridesmaids dresses do. That closet cracked me up. I know some ladies with closets like that. Not full of bridesmaids dresses, just spilling-out-full.

Anyway, today the daughter is doing her more specialized, "custom" work. I won't be here tomorrow when she finishes them, but I'll try to get pictures up over the weekend. As I mentioned, she'll be selling the tie-dye AND some custom-made jewelry at a little outdoor event on Saturday with the hopes of raking in the cash.

But this isn't the end of her entrepreneurship -- she's also setting up shop over at Etsy with Azygous: Not Being One Of A Pair. In other words, everything she makes is unique! Not sure when she'll get it all online but I'll let you know when she does, so you can go admire her work :-) I'm not a proud mama at all!

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