Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Yogurt & The Skype

Nope, can’t top Tuesday! Wednesday was...well, Wednesday.

We spent about an hour at the equivalent of the County Clerk’s office only to find out we have to go to Cordoba, the provincial capital, to begin our paperwork for D.N.I.s (identity cards). Sounds like they have a situation similar to what the U.S. had last year with passports; they are backlogged with over 600,000 D.N.I. applications and they’re saying the process takes six months to a year.

So we’ll need to get into Cordoba soon. But maybe not too soon. We caught the tail end of a news story last night about a protest in Cordoba. Not sure what they’re protesting but they showed video of people shouting and throwing things.

In my younger days I’d have fit right in. I did a pretty good job of screaming and throwing things back then.

Hmmmm, what else did we do? Oh yes, on the way back from the office we decided to grab some grilled chicken for lunch. Good idea, bad practice. We were both up during the night with stomach issues relating to the chicken (we think). No need to say more, except we won’t be going back to that place again!

May the consuming of much yogurt restore equilibrium to the system. Amen.

Had a great time of fellowship with our co-workers Wednesday evening... sharing stories and requests, laughing together, and praying.

Needless to say, our arrival on the field did not lower the average age on the missionary team. We’d love some younger folks to bring fresh ideas and youthful energy so we are praying specifically for two young couples we know. That God would impress on their hearts the desire for cross cultural ministry in Argentina!

It might seem strange that we’re praying for more people as soon as we get to the field. But it’s precisely because we know HOW LONG IT TAKES to get here. So they need to get a move on!

And last, but certainly not least, we now have SKYPE! Woohoo! Last night we walked down to our favorite YPF gas station where they not only have free WiFi but also little telephone kiosks that make it super easy to call back to the U.S. We spent $7.00 total calling our son, the IT guy, who walked hubby through the installation and then WE TALKED TO OUR SON AND IT WAS FREE.

And to our daughter, too, and even had video feed. It was so good to see her face!

There might be additional exciting technological advances on the horizon but I’m not saying anything until it’s a definite. We had planned to pursue it today but after being up half the night and still not feeling up to par, that may be put off for a day or three.


86 My Social Life said...

Oh man, this Skype thing is too fab :) Me showing you around my apartment, you showing me around yours!!!

Tina in Thailand said...

Congratulations on arriving in Argentina! I agree with you, moving internationally is a totally different animal! We only brought suitcases with us instead of shipping, but the whole process of choosing and packing and sorting and resorting and deciding is grueling.

I think that learning language in country is a wonderful decision. So much of language is culture derived, and you just cannot learn that in the US. And besides, you have so many more people to practice language with there than at home. You will do great!
I don't know about you, but we have been told it is hard to learn language when you are older. Don't believe it, it is hard no matter how old you are. :) And God is faithful, He will enable you to do what He has called you to do.

Don't worry about the 'tummy troubles'. It could be anything, and after a while you will get used to it. Both to the food, and the occasional bout of sensitvity. I don't know about Argentina, but in Thailand a bit of food poisoning every once in a while is par for the course. :)

Looking forward to seeing more news and bits of life in Argentina!

Working together with you for His Glory,