Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Banner Is Making Me Schizo

I changed my banner once or four times today. I just could not settle on one until I posted the one you're seeing now. *sigh* Doesn't it make you just want to stretch out on a blanket and read a book? Or grab your fishing pole and see if they're biting?

For those who are gluttons for punishment and want to see the other banners, I'll post them at the end. Be aware I kept going back to the sunflower, too, that's been featured the past few weeks. I really, really like it and may bring it back again.

So anyway, today we walked a lot. [For me, that is.] OVER TWO MILES. Seriously, son and daughter, I kid you not! We went north of town (we live on the edge of the southeast end) to check out a motor scooter. Those are especially practical in summer, when a million and a half tourists flood the town and it's difficult to get around in a car.

But the one we looked at had been "run hard and put up wet" as they used to say about horses. A 2006 model but all scratched and banged up and had quite a few miles on it. I guess its primary user is a delivery person. There are numerous dirt roads and streets in Carlos Paz (we live on one of them) so it's understandable that it's in that condition, but we'd rather get something in a bit better shape for the kind of money they were asking. And the actual owner wasn't there so we couldn't negotiate.

Which is all well and good. Not entirely sure we want to go the scooter route. Might be better to wait for a car instead, since that is our ultimate goal. For now we just need to figure out the bus system. They have a really good public transport system in place that will be handy when we don't want to walk.

But back to the whole walking thing. We actually took a remis (taxi) to where the scooter was, since we weren't sure how to get there. But then we WALKED ALL THE WAY HOME, even detouring to go the long way around the lake and look at the rental house. I took more pictures too, and here's a better one that shows the whole front of the house instead of just a portion of it. The front door is on the right and the garage on the left but the construction makes them look alike. Pretty cool, huh?

Since the city is built mostly on hillsides, we get a workout when we walk! And the last stretch was in the heat of the day (yes, we did it again!) so I was pretty flushed by the time we made it back to the apartment.

But we're determined to get into better shape and walking is a good way to do it. I have a secondary motivation, too. My tutor told me about a walking group for ladies that meets and walks for an hour and a half every weeknight. That would be an excellent way to meet other women and practice my Spanish, but there's no way I'd be able to keep up at this point. Meanwhile I'll be like the Little Engine That Could and keep chugging up the hills saying "I think I can! I think I can!"

So here are the other banners:


rita said...

I love your new banner.
BTW, how do you change the font?
The walking club sounds like a great idea. I wish I had exercise/walking/wogging buddies.

junglewife said...

Cute banner. I am partial to sunflowers, though, and think that one is the best! =)

Walking is great! I am trying to walk in the mornings with some of the other MAF wives, but it's really best when it's just part of your routine, and getting you where you need to go. Then you don't even really think about having to "make time" for exercise, because it's your transportation!