Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Meanderings

Works For Me Wednesday and Saturday Stirrings are two of the regular blog events I've participated in with some consistency. Their practicality appeal to me. Who doesn't want to know how to do things faster/easier/better? And who can resist a great new recipe that will wow your family and earn you brownie points?

Speaking of brownies... No, no I'm not going to get sidetracked this morning.

My problem is REMEMBERING to participate. You'd think with names that include which day of the week they occur on, it would be easy-peasy. Not for me. You would not believe how many times I'd think about WFMW on Thursday. Seriously. I finally gave up trying, realizing that for whatever reason, the middle of the week is not a good time for me to try and consistently do anything. Maybe because right now Wednesday and Thursday are my busiest days.

Also, if truth be told, I have a hard time coming up with new ideas of how to do something faster/easier/better. I'm in a rut as to how I do things, be it cleaning or laundry or cooking, and I just don't have anything earth-shatteringly intelligent to impart. My brain is currently too consumed with trying to remember when to use the subjunctive in Spanish and how to conjugate a multitude of verbs in past, present and future.

We participate in different things because it fits where we are in life, and I'm not in a WFMW phase of life apparently.

I'm still in shock over the fact that I've kept up with Project 365 all year! It really helps to have that pretty button on my sidebar to remind me :-)

[I hope to do better at remembering Saturday Stirrings because one can never have too many new recipes.]

So what phase of life are you in? It would be fun to hear what blog events you participate in on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis. (Don't forget, leaving a comment enters you in the giveaway to celebrate my blogiversary this week!)

I had several comments on my new look. The credit all goes to Simply Blog It Backgrounds, whose button is now on the sidebar. I simply had to pick out the one I liked best and do a little cutting and pasting. Which I learned how to do in first grade and re-learned how to do electronically in my 30s. Creating new backgrounds is probably not something I'm going to learn so I'm really thankful for those talented people who are willing to share their creations for free!


That song "It's a small world after all" is running through my head. This story is kind of convoluted so just hang in there and try to follow me... A few years ago, before we visited our future co-workers in Argentina, a cousin mentioned she knew some other missionaries working in this city. We weren't able to meet them on that trip and they left shortly after we moved here last year without our paths ever crossing. But recently we met their daughter, who married a man whose dad is a pastor on the other side of town. Then this week Ivan met the pastor/dad at the grocery store and found out he had been discipled by Ivan's dad! My FIL was living in Rosario in the early 80s but every two weeks would travel 180 km to meet with a group of people without a pastor in Corral de Bustos. Now all these years later we run into one of the men from that group who has become a pastor himself. "It's a small world after all..." Pastor Jorge, his wife Wilma and their children, Gimena and Claudio

It was quite windy by the lake yesterday. We made sandwiches for a picnic and had to hang on tightly and eat chips from the bags we had wedged in the chairs with us, otherwise everything would have gone flying into the distance. Great weather for water sports though and it was fun to watch the kite surfers, sail boarders and regular sailboats. Sometimes the wind was strong enough to just pick the kite surfers right up off the water several meters. Whoa!

Yesterday I asked folks why they blogged. It was fun reading your answers. I started out because my kids wanted me to blog, as a way of keeping in touch with them and other family and friends from far away. It does that, but it has grown into much more. Like some of you said, we've encountered this community and become a part of something bigger than we anticipated. It's an exciting world in which we live, when we can have friends from all corners of the globe!

Now for some reason I have this strong urge to make brownies...


Mari said...

I'm glad you've kept up with the 365. I enjoy them. I always try to do the slow cooking thursday and if I have an idea, I do Works for me Wednesday. That's about it on special postings.
Glad you had fun meeting up with old friends!

sara said...

I, personally, am so glad you kept up with 365!!! having everyone else doing it with me has kept me doing it too!!!

the only other special posting I do regularly is Friday Fill-ins. I think because it is fun and on Friday's when I am too tired from the week to come up with something on my works!!

How fun to meet new friends with a connection!!!

skoots1mom said...

off/on Project 365, Thankful Thursdays sometimes, Outdoor Wednesdays ... are a few I partake in on the blogs.
They're fun and give me topics when I'm struggling with what to post.

That's so cool about pastor Jorge...a wonderful God-incidence!!

seeds planted by your FIL!!

we're headed to BS&K's for a BBQ!! wish you were here!!! I'll have some grilled salmon for you :)

rita said...

Two questions: Who was the cousin, and what't the apellido of pastor Jorge?

Now, about what I blog about regularly: Project 365 (because of you!), a wonderful record of our life in '09; a sporadic, not day-specific reflection on the parables inspired by the Art Pilgrimage at Cornerstone. I wish I were faithfull with your suggestion of Memory Mondays. I VERY OFTEN have ideas of blogging topics, but haven't figured out how to make time for everything yet. And I REALLY want to write more in my Stories of the Gt. Mex blog...
However, when I look back, I am amazed at how far I've come and how much has been written down.
I most definitely encourage others to begin blogging!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We all had fun last night at the BBQ, just so ya know!!!

I do Outdoor Wednesday, not all the time but I love taking pictures of my flowers and my veggie garden so this feeds my obsession with capturing every sprout that comes up in my back yard. When I am totally lazy I will do Wordless Wednesday! Nuff said about that!

Keep up the 365 we love seeing all you pictures! I may join in next year!!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I think it's absolutely amazing that people have stayed faithful in their Project 365 pursuits. That was really hard for me.

I do really love your background. Gorgeous!

☼Karen☼ said...

I have not participated in any blog events. That would require planning. (:

A lame comment, yes. But I'm all for giveaways!