Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 38, Project 365

I shared some photos Monday from our day in Cordoba city but wanted to share more. This is the closest "big" city to us; it's about 35 minutes away. As the provincial capital, it's where we have to go for important paperwork and the primary purpose for our trip Monday was to see if our national I.D. cards were in yet. Still no cards, but it was such a pretty day we enjoyed a little sight-seeing. As we walked along I happened to look up and see this view.
The building in the foreground is quite old, dating from the 1600s I believe. Behind it is a more "modern" church from the 19th century. It's old enough to need some work done on it, hence the scaffolding all around.

I took this photo from inside looking out so you could see people walking by and get an idea of how TALL these doors are -- they're humongous!

I hardly ever post photos of people. I won't get into all the reasons why; those who are in ministry know there's a fine line with the whole privacy thing. And some have specifically asked we not post photos of them. But this week I have one of us to share. That's actually a very pretty fountain, and not the giant birdbath it appears to be.

Tuesday after class I snapped this photo of my tutor's porch. Her yard is lush with plants and from the front you can't see the porch except from certain angles. Doesn't it look like a most inviting place to sit, read a book and sip iced tea?

When Del Potro won the U.S. Open, there was great rejoicing in the land!

A quick stop at the YPF turned into a long one when the driver in front of us suddenly shifted into reverse and slammed into the front of our car. Our little Fiat Uno was no match for his SUV and sustained a broken headlight, bent bumper and I'm not sure what else.

Even though it's still officially winter, one of our rose bushes burst forth with a blossom this week! I have to say, I'm inordinately proud of this photo. This is right-out-of-the-camera with no changes whatsoever.

In preparation for a more informal, local soccer tournament this Saturday I washed all the uniforms on Friday.

They finally hauled the 40 foot container off the not-so-empty lot next door. It took quite a bit of maneuvering and almost maimed a few trees in the process. You really should click on the photo and enlarge it to see exactly how tight of a fit it was -- we thought they were going to have to take down part of the fence.

That's all from my little corner of the world. If you haven't visited Sara yet, make sure you stop by and see who else is participating in Project 365 this week.


Mari said...

I love the old buildings that are in other parts of the world. The church and door shot are great!

sara said...

Love the pictures of Cordoba city!!

and your tutor's porch...what a peaceful location. I would love to sit there and read a good book or visit with a friend!!!

So sorry about your car! so how does that work in Argentina? do they have insurance like here?

The rose is beautiful!!! great shot!

that is a lot of uniforms and more importantly....a lot of washing!!!!

how in the world did they get that out. I blew it up and it looks impossible!!!!

SusanD said...

I so enjoy your pictures. The one of you and your hubby is really good. But I didn't see one of you and that "lovely" dress you showed us. lol Blessings, SusanD

skoots1mom said...

Cordoba city..the "modern" church is pretty

Your"inside looking out" pic is AWES"OME! those are SUBSTANTIAL doors, aren't they?!!

LOVE the fountain shot!!

Wish I could share some java w/ u on that porch.

I enjoyed watching Del Petro...his angle shots amazed me...what a gracious champion.

A local teen slammed into dd's car a couple of weeks ago...she was not hurt, but her bumper's got a dent and we'll be putting in quotes with the insurance company this week. Thank goodness the other girl was in a small car also and so it didn't do too much.

What a pretty rose...we've been's been raining (almost nonstop) since the beginning of last week...and we expecting rain through next Friday. God is definitely insuring we will be OUT of this drought we've been in over the last three years.

Golly, I don't see how they got that container out.

I didn't take ANY pictures this week except those I took while playing golf and those are posted on FB...don't feel like doing another post. I've got one of my headaches and think I'll just knit for a while...i'm working on a grey, 100% wool scarf to send to Iraq with our military care package in a couple of weeks.

Have a great night :)

beckyjomama said...

LOVE the architechture!! I could look at your pics all day long!

Edie said...

The church in Cordoba city is so full of character.

Love the picture of you and your husband.

I want a porch like your tutors too. What a wonderful place to meet with God!

I was wondering about the auto insurance too.

Great picture of that rose.

Lisa said...

Your pictures, as always are just beautiful!

I can't believe they got that container!?

Very nice picture of the two of you! How many loads were those uniforms? I wonder if you wash them everytime...lots of work!

Have a great week!

rita said...

Sooooooooooooo good to SEE you! You're both lookin' great. I enlarged it to get a better look at the new glasses and do.
You are an amazing 'fotografa'!
Loved seeing the spring blossoms, the awesome rose, the porch greenery.
The architecture of old cities is fascinating.
I have too many shots of people. Will i get in trouble, or they?

skoots1mom said...

ok, so i just read your post on BS&K's last blog...
oh, i'm already running through things for us to do when you visit on furlough...
i'm not sure we'll be able to let you have time with your home church....We will want you all to ourselves ...
ha ha :)