Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Meanderings

A trip to Cordoba today provided so many photos I won't be able to post even a fraction of them for Project 365 so I decided to share a few of them today.
I'm including this heinous shot because you have the right to know that someone in Argentina has committed a serious fashion faux pas. Actually several someones: one person designed this monstrosity, another physically made it, and now a store owner is not only selling it but giving it place of honor in their window. Yikes! Or as I recently learned to say, "¡Horroroso!"

The purpose of the trip was to once again check on our D.N.I.s (national I.D. cards). Still not in. Although we were offered a small glimmer of hope as the man at the front desk said a batch of cards for foreigners recently came in but hasn't been put into the system yet.

While we were downtown we took in a few of the sights. First up: Colegio Montserrat which was founded in 1687. When you first walk in, you can feel how worn the floor has become due to centuries of use. Classrooms are filled with antique desks (the really, really old ones that are over 100 years old). Which I guess when you think about it, are relatively new compared to the rest of the school.The central courtyard appears to be a favorite place to hang out.
Nearby is the University of Cordoba which is even older (the oldest in Argentina, second oldest in the Americas). I am totally in love with the architecture of this place. Is this doorway not one of the most gorgeous things you have ever seen?!
Finally we headed back to the car, window shopping as we walked. A few street performers kept passersby entertained, including this sax player.
Definitely got our walking in today.

Also stopped for a short visit with our friends who live in the southern part of the city. Juan is a retired pastor in the Grace Brethren Fellowship -- which will be celebrating 100 years in Argentina next month! My in-laws were missionaries here with Grace Brethren Foreign Missions so my husband and I hope to see lots of people he knows at the fiesta grande in Río Cuarto.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of downtown Cordoba. I'll have more photos on Sunday with Project 365.


Mari said...

I loved the tour! One thing I appreciate about other countries is the history. Seeing those old buildings is so fun.
PS - I thought that dress was gorgeous and would look marvelous on you!!! :)

sara said...

I loved the tour, too! And can't wait to see more.

so just curious, how much do they want for that amazing dress?

SusanD said...

Now Kim, fess up. That dress is exactly what you should wear to the next parte de asistir. You'll be the hit of the parte. :) Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

I don't know if the US open is on there or not, but I'm sure you will hear about Argentinean just won!! He beat Roger Federer!!

Betty said...

Hi Kim,
I'm glad you had a so good time on your trip. That tour was interesting,too.
This dress is marvellous!
I liked your photos:)

rita said...

Dear, dear Kim,
Busy, busier, busiest maybe describes all of us.
So glad you are going to attend the big celebration in Rio 4to. Just talked to Mirtha yesterday after 6 months of no phone or e-mail connection. They are planning on being there, at least one day. Juan invited them. I'm so glad. Will Lynn be there? What are the dates?
BTW did the old school have two person pupitres with two inkwells?

prashant said...

I loved the tour, too! And can't wait to see more.

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