Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snow in the Sierras!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and today there's snow in the Sierras. Lots of snow. More snow than we saw all winter.

Ivan had to bring the guys back to Sta. Rosa, along with the trailer full of props for Mufa Pufa (yes, it was another crazy weekend of games on the costanera). We decided to take advantage of the trip and I came along with him. As we came up over the hill by Ciudad de las Americas, the snow capped vista of the Sierras spread out before us. Wow! We stopped several times to take photos and I'm hoping we have at least one good one to share for Project 365 this week.

Our co-workers suggested we take a few days for some R&R. You may remember last time we tried this, the wildfires chased us home the next day and instead of a relaxing weekend it was actually pretty stressful. So we are very much enjoying this middle-of-the-week break. We arrived about lunch time and after a nice hot bowl of soup, we took a nap. A lovely, long nap. I'm planning to take several of those over the next 48 hours. Along with a hot bubble bath or two and some fun sewing. I brought two little projects to work on.

After our nap Ivan picked some eucalyptus leaves which are now in a pan of water on top the heating stove, emitting truly wonderful smells. The fire Ivan built when we arrived is keeping us warm and toasty. The internet is working, albeit very very slowly, allowing me to check e-mails and write a quick post. Life is good.

Ill miss a couple of Spanish classes but did bring the short story by Borges that I'm working on. MANY words I have to look up so it's slow going. There will be a whole stack of index cards with new vocabulary words by the time I'm done.

But mostly I'm just going to veg.

Yeah for spontaneous getaways!


Mari said...

I love the smell of Eucalyptus. Have a nice restful break!

sara said...

good for you!! You deserve it!!

Christy said...

Middle of the week breaks are wonderful! Have a great time!

rita said...

Eucalyptus...mmmm How delightful!
What Borges are you reading? He is NOT that easily accessible. I am amazed.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Just wanted to let you know I’m not around much this week because I’m on the THIRD death of a friend. Today the guy who was the best man in our wedding and a lifelong friend passed, and I am heartbroken. I had to leave work to come home and cry and pray. I know you can’t tell it on the blog; I have pre-written most of the posts this week.

Appreciate your prayers.


skoots1mom said...

Snow seems to always sneak in at the end, doesn't it? Eager to see your photos

praying for no more wildfires...love me a good nap.
Good luck with your two little projects--i've been knitting and crocheting.

Would love to be smelling your eucalyptus leaves steeping...great idea.

I'll be getting away at the end of October with some of my old bellsouth girlfriends...we're all retired now and are getting to travel during the week...going to the mtns for some UNO and fried chicken :)

going to prayer group 2night ... enjoy your time away, JubiSista!