Saturday, December 26, 2009

The best stuffing ever...

That's what we had yesterday. I tried Pioneer Woman's stuffing and IT WAS FABULOUS! I halved the recipe since there are only three of us and because we didn't have a turkey in which to stuff it, I used a cast iron skillet. I really think the cast iron skillet is key to making this the best out-of-bird stuffing EVER.

I sauteed the onions and celery in the skillet first, then after mixing all the ingredients in a big bowl, I put it into the skillet which was still a bit buttery and baked it in a hot oven for 1/2 hour.  (Yes, I turned the oven on because it wasn't that hot yesterday; only in the 80s.)

It was a late night supper rather than mid-day meal since right about noon we received the message that our dear friend, Juan Colle, had passed away on Thursday. They do not embalm here (and Juan was being cremated anyway) so they have the funeral the very next day. Even if it's Christmas.

Since we're in Sta. Rosa, and it takes a good two hours to get back to Cordoba where the funeral was being held, Ivan had just enough time to change clothes and go. He was actually too late for the funeral, but managed (with the help of a friend) to catch up with the automobile procession to the "graveside" service [what DO you call that when there's no burial?].

We imagine Juan having a wonderful Christmas with Christ! But do remember his family in prayer, please. Even though this has been coming for some time, that doesn't make it any easier.


We've discovered that sitting on the front porch affords better internet connection. Now if we could only get the bugs to "bug off". But it means -- hopefully -- that I shouldn't have too much trouble adding the last of the photos for tomorrow's final, end-of-the-year Project 365 post. See you back here then.


Lhoyt said...

So glad Ivan was at least able to pay his respects. My heart goes out to Mirta and the kids, but especially to Mirta.
Heaven is seeming so much closer every day. Who knows but what we may be taken there any time, and oh what a joyful reunion it will be!

sara said...

I am glad Ivan got to make it to the graveside service. I will need to post a poem someone sent my mom for Christmas...with her missing her sister. It was the most beautiful I ever read!

Can you believe Sunday is our last 365 for the year?!!!

I have not tried one thing of the PWs that I haven't loved!!!

How long does your daughter get to stay?

Kay said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss you experienced over the holiday. Very sad! : (

Dressing in a skillet??? I've never done that. But I think I will try it.

Have you ever tried Windows Live Writer? I love it. You can write the entire post offline and get the photos and everything done and then upload it as you post. It's much faster...even with pics! Just a thought. : )