Friday, December 18, 2009

A great beginning to her visit...

Thanks so much to all who prayed for my daughter as she traveled down. God was definitely in the details for that trip! No delay leaving Chicago so she easily made the connecting flight in Orlando, and she stepped off one flight in Panama City just in time to catch last call for the next plane to Cordoba. Whew! Her final flight landed on time but we "cooled our heels" for an hour before we saw her coming through the doors. She'd been standing in her first looooooong line in Argentina :-) Having been in the next to last row of the plane, she was near the end of the line to go through customs, too.

Once home, she started unpacking while I made breakfast. Poor kid has been living on cereal and t.v. dinners for weeks so it was a joy yesterday to feed her some of her favorite foods :-) Bacon, scrambled cheesy eggs and croissants for breakfast. Fresh meat-filled ravioli with a homemade sauce and salad that included tomatoes from our garden for lunch. And a late night supper of homemade chicken noodle soup using the leftover ravioli.

She piled all the stuff she brought for us onto the couch -- it was like Christmas! :-)  Seriously, I haven't even had time to go through everything yet. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks to my SIL Sharon who shopped for things I needed/wanted -- like fabric and beads for quilting, spices for cooking. To friend Katie for supplying all our Shaklee needs (the Immunity 1, Defend & Resist came just in time -- we both have colds). And to my sister who sent three filled Christmas stockings -- we won't peek before Christmas, promise! Our son sent the doohickey we need to turn a computer monitor into a t.v., and the daughter also brought things we'd ordered online and had sent to her. Yes, she still had room for her own stuff. Good thing she came in summer though! If it had been winter and she'd had to bring heavier clothes, not sure there would have been space for our stuff.

I'm still dragging a little this morning after a solid 6-1/2 hours sleep but that's after going 40+ hours without any before that. Am hoping an afternoon siesta later will not be interrupted by neighborhood kids who enjoy playing ring-the-gate-buzzer-and-run, which is what happened yesterday. Ugh.

Have a few activities planned over the weekend but still allowing time to rest and relax. Then either Monday evening or Tuesday morning we'll head to Sta. Rosa for the remainder of Christmas week. I'll probably just go ahead and take a bloggy break during that time, except for the final Project 365 post. Our internet connection there is so spotty and it's more aggravation than it's worth to try and use most of the time. I doubt I'll be the only one taking a break over the holidays.

I can't begin to put into words how wonderful it is to have our daughter here! [The only thing that could make it better would be to have our son and DIL here too. Hopefully they'll be able to visit next year.] Last night it was so much fun to pile onto the couch and watch a movie together, tired but happy to be together. Looking forward to showing her our town -- and a few other parts of Argentina too -- as well as more snuggly couch time. And lots more of her favorite foods.


SmallTownRunner said...

So exciting! I'm glad she got there safely and the three of you are able to spend some time together. Hopefully someday your nephew and his wife can come visit too. (Your FAVORITE nephew, that is. And your FAVORITE blogging niece-in-law.)

sara said...

oh I am smiling ear to ear as I read this!!!

Until I gasped at the fact that you went 40+ hours with NO did you do that?!!!

enjoy your time with your daughter..especially those snuggly times on the sofa...I will be doing the same!!!!

Merry Christmas!

skoots1mom said...

Lord, Jesus, are YOU the BEST, or what?!! You blessed DD with direct travel and NO big instances and we thank you so much for overseeing her path. You will reside in each moment she shares with her family, so I ask you give them rest, wonderfully nice weather to be able to see everything Kim wants to share with her, and Your increasing their time together so it doesn't SPEED by too quickly,
We praise you for coming to us in the form of an innocent baby that we can cherish as our SAVIOR!
MERRY, MERRY, MERRIEST of Christmases, JubiSista, you have MADE my jubilee year and I love the friendship He has built between us, for you are one of my JOYS!
...I'll be away from the computer a little while myself. So be safe, enjoy each other and may God bless all your Holiday plans
Let it snow, let it snow, let it's coming down in clear white drops right now but i'll keep hoping for snow...

rita said...

I'm sitting here all teary-eyed, I can hardly see, just reading and visualizing your joys, sweet family togetherness, Sharon's purchases and other goodies, future hopeful visitor's (son & DIL!), and the loving prayer above.

Mari said...

I'm smiling just reading this! I know how happy you are to be spending time with her again!