Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 50, Project 365

Does everyone else feel like December is just flying by? The only reason I'm convinced it's not still November is because MY DAUGHTER ARRIVES IN FOUR DAYS -- so it must be December :-)  Plus there's the fact that we are on Week #50 of Project 365.

Last Sunday we attended a fiesta for a quinceañera. First up is the "grand entrance" -- as she arrived, we lined up to create a path with men on one side and women on the other, quite a few holding flowers to form an arched entry.

At one point in the fiesta there was a little ceremony when she lit these candles, mentioning different people who have played a part in her life.

It was a fun and meaningful evening and we enjoyed experiencing this important part of Latin American culture.

My art class had an exhibit this past week and we stopped by Monday to take photos. I'm standing next to my flower painting. Had not planned on putting anything in but my teacher insisted and now I'm glad she did; pretty sure it will be my one and only exhibit :-)

Our front yard is full of blooms. I'd love to share the smell from this small patch of ground. As we arrived home from a get-together tonight (or rather, this morning) the honeysuckle, oleander and roses were sweetly scenting the night air. There's no way I can get all the flowers in a single photo, but quite a few are included in this one I snapped the other day: red roses, geraniums, agapanthus, and a few blossoms on the oleander tree. Not quite so noticeable is the honeysuckle in the upper right corner.

Missing in this picture are my hydrangeas, yellow roses, a climbing vine of some sort with white flowers, and some little purple flowers whose name I cannot remember. Hoping the morning glories come back too but they got trimmed way, way back so we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday we had to go into Cordoba and ended up eating lunch here!

Yes, there's a Subway in Cordoba! Actually we've heard rumors that there are several but this is the only one we've seen. Thoroughly enjoyed a Vegetarian Delight on parmesan with Caesar dressing. Yum!

You know how some weeks you just seem to be perpetually behind? That describes this past week perfectly. So I didn't make it to the big peña this year since I had some cooking and cleaning to do Thursday night in preparation for our traditional annual brunch with co-workers. But Ivan went and shot a number of video clips. This isn't the greatest quality (he was some distance away and we don't have a tripod) but it's short and these little guys are just TOO CUTE so I had to share it.

Friday I took (and posted) a photo of the adorable quiltie received in the Four Seasons Holiday Swap, but I thought I'd post it again because it was one of the highlights of my week!

Our neighbor asked Ivan if he could build her a rustic wall shelf and this is what he created.

It's about three feet tall and all the limbs are from trees in our yard; the back of the shelf is from an avocado tree in the back yard and the branches in front are from a tree that used to border the sidewalk. It was dead before we moved in and when Ivan was looking around for another source of  "rustic" he decided it was a good time to cut it down and put it to good use. I think he totally succeeded!


Elizabeth said...

Such a great idea to light candles for people who have played a part in her life... I really like that!
So cool that you were in an art exhibit... I really like how it all turned out.
Your flowers are amazing and I am sure the smell is magnificent. Too bad you can't campture it and post it on your blog for us all to smell.
That little Joy quiltie is adorable.
Wow! Uncle Ivan did an awesome job on the rustic shelf... I love it!

sara said...

you have had a busy week!!

My daughter arrived EARLY yesterday surprising us!! I thought of you! will be praying for travel this week!

How fun to be in an exhibition!! I can say I know an artist now! :)

Honeysuckle is one of my favorites! It brings back some wonderful childhood memories for me.....hmmmm, I can just smell it!

LOVE the vegie delight at subway!!!

btw, I made PW's cranberry pork loin she featured this week last night.....deeelish!!!

oh my word, I LOVE the bookshelf!!! He did an awesome job!

great week, Kim!!!

skoots1mom said...

Praying your next FOUR DAYS will be peaceful while you excitedly wait on her arrival...
The quinceañera of Latin American culture reminds me of the Jewish rite of passge, Batmizvah.

love your exhibition pretty and colorful...good job!

Nothing else smells like the sweetness of honeysuckle...know you're enjoying it...we in the 30's with rain today...

Looks like Ivan enjoyed the peña...those little guys are precious...fleet flying all over the floor...

Bravo on that beautiful wall shelf ...way to be wonderfully creative, Ivan! She'll cherish it.

I'll be visiting my aunt this afternoon for a little while, my uncle died last night...he was 89 and in major dimentia, he's had hospice with him for 3-4 months was so hard watching him contend with everyday life. He did have one day of 'normalcy' last week and asked for my sister, so she went and got to have some time with him talking to her, and he really seemed to know her, so that was a God-send to us all. He was my dad's brother...appreciate prayers for my aunt as she learns to be without him

Have a great remainder of your day, drink in some sunshine for me :)

Mari said...

I think the candle lighting ceremony is a great idea. I love the picture of you with your art - you are so talented!
I'm jealous of the flowers. You know how it is in Michigan now...

Mari said...

I forgot - I love the shelf!

rita said...

Latinos know how to throw a party!
Like your flowers in art and real.
Do you think we'll ever be able to exchange fragrances over the internet?
I noticed grass is not yellow? Have you had rain?
You have an avocado tree?!!! You are so lucky!
Artistic rusticity, Ivan.
Los gauchitos son un encanto. (Or should I say 'divinos'?)
Quiltie, lovely addition to holiday decor!
Wish I could send your ceramic piece w/ Tina. Don't know what I should do??? Do you know what size or weight begins to cause 'aduana' problems?

2Thinks said...

Yes, I don't know where December has gone. I'm excited for you to see your daughter- I sure know what that feels like! Wonderful!

Love the flowers and that neat shelf.

No flowers here, of course, snow for miles- wide and deep.


Darla said...

i am loving that quilt! it's the absolute cutest thing. i also love the shelf. very creative! i can't believe the year is almost over!

SmallTownRunner said...

The shelf is wonderful! Good job, Ivan!

Edie said...

It looks like you had a great week!

I have never been to a quinceañera but have seen the festivals and known many people who celebrate them. Looks like fun.

Your painting turned out great! Yay for your teacher for encouraging you too.

I love your garden. Aren't those purple flowers Lily of the Nile?

The little dancing boys were ADORABLE! Loved it!

How creative of your husband! (and resourceful too)

Kay said...

Love the painting.. love the shelf. Love that you can go to Subway! : )