Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 49, Project 365

I suddenly realized it's Saturday night and time to get another Project 365 post ready. It's been such a busy week that it went by even faster than usual. I did too well taking photos this week and had SO MANY that it was hard to choose. So once again I have more than the requisite seven.

The first photo is mostly for my mother-in-law because I know she enjoys seeing photos of the house in Sta. Rosa. This was after I finally finished cleaning the kitchen on Monday. Talk about dirty! Unbelievable how much dirt I swept, dusted and cleaned up throughout the house on Monday and Tuesday. We realized we just have to plan on going out every few months specifically to give it a good cleaning.

When we quit (not because we were done but because we were tired!) on Tuesday, we went into Belgrano to pick up some things and grab a bite at our favorite little restaurant (Tio Rico's) but it was closed that evening. Instead we grabbed some things from the deli at the grocery store and went home, put our feet up and enjoyed empanadas and stuffed summer squash. But while in Belgrano we walked past this cute shoe store that caught my eye. Who wouldn't want to try on shoes in a place smart enough to install a comfy couch?!

Wednesday our friends arrived and we took a walk down to the river which, thanks to thunderstorms the night before and that morning, was churning with debris. You may remember the fires a few months ago. Some of those were up river and massive amounts of soot washed down with the rains. Not a pleasant sight.

Happy to report that by Friday the river was once again running clear.

Also seen during our walk: this humongous mushroom. Those are Ivan's size 11s standing next to it.

Magdalena is a vegetarian and showed me how to make several dishes during our time together. One of them was bombas de papas (mashed potatoes wrapped around some cheese and other yummies, breaded and then deep fried). Here she is demonstrating how to make the bombas.

She came prepared with all the ingredients as well as this rather large tin cup she uses specifically for frying the bombas, two at a time.

¡Muy rico!

Ivan and Julio enjoyed looking at photos and plans of airplanes online while they waited for dinner.

Another thing Magdalena introduced me to is a product that tastes like really good coffee -- only it's not coffee at all; it's made from barley and contains no caffeine whatsoever. This made me SO HAPPY because I've missed having the occasional cup of coffee in the evening. The concept of decaf is almost nonexistent here; there are two brands of instant decaf available and they're both DISGUSTING. This stuff tastes amazing! (I'm having some even as I type this.)

It was good to get home and today while we dead-headed the rose bushes I snapped a few photos to share. First up: our trumpet vines. Ivan cut them so far back this year that I was afraid they weren't going to do anything. But lo and behold, just look at them!

Progress continues next door. They've framed up the front porch/car port area.

Only three weeks left for Project 365. Part of me feels a little sad because it's been such a fun project. But it also takes a sweet forever to upload photos and generally requires a couple hours to get a post ready. That I won't miss.


Kelly's Ideas said...

I love projects when they are done and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor... that mushroom was huge.
Love to you.

Dena said...

Great pictures, as always. What a cute kitchen you have.

The deep-fried potatoes sound really interesting. I would enjoy watching them being made.

You're trumpet vines are gorgeous!!

Mari said...

I enjoyed seeing the picture of your kitchen. the mushroom was huge!!!
I can tell I would like the bombas!

sara said...

ok, anything with mashed potatoes and cheese and then fried HAS to be good!!!! but she fries them in a cup? that seems like it would take a LONG time!!! will we see the recipe?

after the rain is there any water in the lake?

the trumpet vines are gorgeous!!

Sounds like you had a busy but fun week!!!

Elizabeth said...

I would love to see more picture of the house in Santa Rosa...
I would love to get the recipe for the bombas de papas...they look delicious!
Those flowers are so beautiful...
Have a great week!

Debbie said...

Your kitchen looks great. The worst part about cleaning the kitchen to me is how soon it gets dirty again!

skoots1mom said...

Would so love to have some cuttings from your trumpet vine...they would be gorgeous on my back the color especially.

You've been very diligent keeping up with 365...I have participated in a while...

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend

rita said...

Bombas deliciosas y no peligrosas. Así me gustan ;)
Y las flores tan abundantes, qué hermosas! ¿Cómo se llaman allá?
I enlarged the river photo and really saw the muck. ¡Cuánto barro!
BTW, I only have two decorations up so far, so you could still beat me.
Plus, I need to change my blog background, but kinda waiting for snow.

Lhoyt said...

I have enjoyed your entries in the 365 project, and will hate to see it finish. Don't quit on us! It's like a letter from home! I think the Malta is somewhat like the Postum we can get here in the States. It was a coffee substitute used largely during WWII, and is very good.
By the way, the liquid malta is given to children in Argentina instead of beer. One explanation I was given was that it makes them look 'healthy', which in that case meant chubby.

skoots1mom said...

so sorry you've been having migraines...i've been having them all week too...i was able to get a new patch to add to my hrt regime, so i'm hoping that will help these things subside...
blessings for a good night and peacful rest :)