Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Dozen Week #15

Lid was a little concerned she might be repeating questions but they all sure look new to me. Then again, my memory isn't so great any more. Ivan and I just spent 20 minutes trying to remember what we did yesterday. UGH. It's like somebody flipped a switch when we turned 50 and turned off half our brains. Pretty soon I'll be answering these Random Dozen questions like Ollie North during the Iran-Contra hearings, "I have no recollection."

[Hey, do I get extra points for remembering who Ollie North is?]

Anyway... it's late, I'm tired and my brain is fried from doing paperwork all day (with only half a brain), so this post will be short and sweet. 

1. Which physical trait do you now accept--maybe not love, but accept--and no longer feel extremely self-conscious about? Large ears. Not sure if I finally grew into them or it's just that I simply don't care any more, but the "new" (meaning within the past quarter) haircut is super short and exposes my ears in all their elephantine glory.

2. This week Meredith Baxter Birney, best known as the mom on the favorite 80s sitcom "Family Ties" came out of the closet, which led me to formulate this question: Who do you think is/was the best TV mom? Ann Romano on One Day at a Time, which mirrored my own household with a divorced mom and two daughters; although unlike real life I wanted to be the younger sister played by Valerie Bertinelli who was too cute for words. I thought Bonnie Franklin did a great job portraying a single mom juggling work, home and parenting teens.

3. Do you speak any foreign languages? Are there any you'd like to learn? I'd really like to learn Spanish.Oh, wait... I AM learning Spanish. Just so very, very slowly it almost seems like I'm not.

4. Who is your personal hero? My husband. Sometime I'll have to write a post explaining why. This just isn't the place or time to go into all the whys and wherefores of the answer to this question. This question which appears simple on the surface BUT TOTALLY IS NOT. Sneaky Lid, very sneaky.

5. What is one holiday food that you find extremely difficult to resist over- indulging in? Dessert in all its wondrous forms: cookies, cake, pie, cheesecake... Whatever is for dessert, I'm sure to over-indulge.

6. Tell me about a Christmas decoration that has special meaning or sentimental value. Can I cite my entire collection of ornaments? Both homemade and store-bought have such special memories attached to them. Like the little cross-stitch goose wearing a big Christmas bow and the year 1986 embroidered along the bottom made by a sweet lady named Jan, or the crystal snowman my son and his wife gave me, or the three wise men hand sewn with such care and detail sent by my friend Betty one year... When we moved overseas I got rid of 90% of our Christmas "stuff" but I kept my most prized ornaments. And have since added two pear ornaments we bought last year since it's the first time in 28 years that it's been just the two of us -- we're simply a pair again. . 

7. How do you feel about snow? It's pretty in pictures. Not missing the snow AT ALL, or the cold or the ice or the bitterly cold wind. Nope, not one single bit. After 20 years in the frozen north (a.k.a. Michigan) I'm enjoying life in a temperate climate!

8. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Not that I'm jealous of any number over three or anything. Six to seven on a really good night. Which unfortunately isn't that often. Menopausal insomnia means many, many nights I have trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep. Hanging on to the truth that "this too shall pass" and one day I may once again sleep the night through. I seriously got more sleep than this when my kids were babies. UGH.

9. Tell me about your first crush. His name was Larry and he had red hair. I think it was 6th grade and the crush ended abruptly when he embarrassed me to death by serenading me during music class. At that time in my life, I was SUPER shy, blushing when anyone spoke to me -- man, woman, girl, boy...didn't matter, I blushed. So you can imagine my mortification when the entire class looked at me as Larry sang some silly ballad while on one knee. I think I remained beet red for three days.

10. You're stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk. What will you write/draw? Sketch an idea for a new art quilt, also making notes about what kind and color of fabrics I'd like to use, any three-dimensional objects that could be added for special effect, and different quilting designs that might best enhance it. OR maybe just a comprehensive monthly to-do list. Depends on which side of my brain is turned on at the time: creative right side or analytical left.

11. Do you dress for the current temp or for the day's forecast? Forecast. I've learned the hard way that how the day starts out isn't necessarily how it will be all day.

12. Favorite Christmas movie is? Die Hard. Hey, they had Santa hats, Christmas trees, a rip-roaring Christmas office party AND guns and mayhem to make the season bright. 
Okay, get serious, right? 

The truth is, I seriously adore Miracle on 34th Street, the 1947 version

It will be very interesting to see what others have to say with this week's Random Dozen. Especially regarding questions #4 and #10. Those at-first-glance innocuous questions which are really deep, probing investigations into your philosophy of life, into your very psyche.

Or maybe it's just late, I'm tired and my brain is fried from doing paperwork all day (with half a brain) so what might seem really profound at this moment could totally be an innocent and innocuous question meant to elicit nothing more than a simple answer requiring little to no thought.

Either way, should make for some interesting answers.


Mari said...

I like #7. It's how I feel too, but I'm still here. As a matter of fact - we are under a winter storm warning right now!

Jill said...

Your answers to #9 and #12 cracked me up! You've got a good point about Die Hard. I like it too!

SouthLakesMom said...

At least you have a reasonable chance of absorbing Spanish in more than the present tense! Buena suerte!

Dena said...

I am envious of your temperate climate. We are in the middle of the worst blizzard we've had in almost 3 decades....and over a foot of snow. Ugh!

I like the original version of Miracle on 34th St too.

Melli said...

You are right! #'s 4 & 10 are the ones to watch this week! And I sooo agree with your movie choice... NOT Die Hard - though I did like all of them too!

Thena said...

Wow I can't believe I forgot about One Day at a time. I loved that show, watched every episode. Even had my hair cut like Valerie Bertinelli . Now if I could just have the body she has now at our age.

rita said...

1. age-or-otherwise-related belly fat...hmm maybe I haven't accepted that yet.
2. Little House on the Prairie mom, maybe, or Cosby mom? I didn't grow up with TV.
3. You are too humble re. FL
4. I like your choice. Mine would probably be my hubs.
5-6 Ditto
7. VERY windy here now. Terrible for those who have snow as well further up north--a veritable blizzard!
8. So sorry about your insomnia.
9. Funny :)
10. Writing ideas probably
11. agree
12. The Nativity, cause Mary looks just like Kayla and it's such a beautifully done true story of Christmas!

SnoWhite said...

too funny! Michigan isn't that bad.... ;-)

2Thinks said...

"Spanish. Oh! I am learning it..." that cracked me up, funny girl.

What? You don't miss Michigan? Say it isn't so!

Big storm a brewin' even as I type- evening activities already canceled everywhere. My son's flight is scheduled to depart for San Francisco at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow- I wonder if that will happen.

It's good to be back to the blogs! I've missed it so...

Kristen said...

I agree with you on the snow. It's great for pictures...not so much in "real life".

quilly said...

I am a Die Hard fan, too! I should have thought of that movie!

And my "deep" question was #1, while #10 was an easy no brainer. #4 I have blogged about many, many times.

Amy said...

I now have the One Day at a Time theme song going through my head...ha ha.

Being a music teacher I can safely say that has never happened to me, but looking back it was sweet?? No??

Great answers


Barbara H. said...

I think it is sweet that your husband is your hero!

Susanne said...

Well you answered pretty well for having brain fry. :v)

Die Hard cracked me right up.

crittyjoy said...

:) I really enjoy the original version of Miracle on 34th street but that little girl in the new one...she is just so precious!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Great answers. I love Miracle on 34th Street too.

Mocha with Linda said...

Check my blog (late Thursday PM post!).

Lhoyt said...

Seems to me you are doing extremely well on the Spanish. Keep it up!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Loved your answers. I did not have time for RD this week.

My first crush was on a red headed boy.