Saturday, November 22, 2008

Costura, Costura, Todos Los Dias

I am weary from the sewing of the curtains. This is not a difficult project, just very TIME CONSUMING. Simple pinch pleat panels are a lot of work! And because I have to make NINE panels, it is taking the proverbial forever. My goal of finishing by the end of the week? Pffft! Gone like the wind. I will be happy to have six of the nine done.

The remaining three will have to wait until we return from the mini conference with other missionaries in Buenos Aires this week. My eyes and shoulders are looking forward to the break. Sitting in one position while feeding yards and yards and yards of material through the machine is not good for the posture.

The project would be going faster if I hadn't bought excessively cheap fabric for the lining and now have to sew all those seams with a blind overlock hem stitch. Oh.My.Word. does that take a long time! But it is quite necessary or this material would quickly fray and all my hard work would be for naught as the curtains disintegrated into a large pile of blue and plaid fabric and mounds of white thread.

The finished product is looking mighty fine! I will take photos and post them when I'm all done.

Our little car is having some issues. In the last couple of days the smell of gas has been really, really strong. The hubby is going to try and figure out what the problem is, since we don't really enjoy the scent of Eau de Gasoline. But other things have been taken care of: oil change - check, getting the air conditioning re-charged - check.

The hubby's also been working on security-related projects. He finished the storage cabinet for my washer on the back patio, installed flood lights on both sides of the house, and put a better lock on the bedroom door that's going to become our study. Makes sense to be able to secure the room with all the electronics.

There are SO MANY parties going on in Bloggyville this holiday season. Y'all are a bunch of party animals! They all sound fun but there's only so much a girl can do. So I'll be checking a lot of them out, but won't be participating in too many myself. I simply do not have an ugly Christmas sweater (any more) but look forward to seeing the entries in that particular contest. Should be muy divertida!

Not sure about access to the internet while in Bs. As. this week so you may not be hearing much from me. We're staying with missionary friends. The last time we visited, there was a cyber cafe a few blocks away. That was less than two years ago so hopefully it's still there. But with the conference meetings and things going on, not sure how much I'll be able to get away.

So if I don't have another chance, let me just say: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! May you be blessed with a day filled with family and friends and food in abundance.


junglewife said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your curtains! I'm not quite as ambitious as you. I'm making curtains to but nothing near what you're doing!!! Just trying to put coverings on the windows!

I'm also looking forward to the results of the sweater contest. I wonder if there's any I could find around here - either in old missionary's closets or even on Papuans!!!

Sharon said...

I'm anxious to get started on the roman blinds for the kitchen. I will be using the fabric you helped me pick out. I wish you were here to help me choose the lining as I don't know if I have your fabric choosing skylz

rita said...

...todos los días y ¿todo el santo día?
Have a nice break from costura in BsAs!