Friday, November 14, 2008

Spread the Love

I've found some interesting articles and posts recently and decided to share them with you. 'Cause my mama taught me to share the good stuff!

I've thought about doing this off and on, but always seem to forget when I'm actually sitting at the computer. Maybe this is why? Memory is a tricky thing. I liken it to a computer. My harddrive is almost full and stuff is stuck in random places on the drive so it sometimes takes a while to retrieve information, often leaving the machine (me) panting from all the spinning it's had to do.

Or it could be that I am easily side-tracked and forget about the initial task because something else distracted me. Funny blogs will do it to me every time. Giggles ensued when I read this short post by Queen B. I especially enjoyed 6 Year Med Student Danielle's post about bathroom humor. And "A Natural History of Armchairs" by Jenni's brother had both hubby and me laughing out loud.

And then other blogs have such practical information I'm in awe of their ability to succinctly communicate/encourage/help all of us in B'ville. Right now Amy Scott is doing a series on being debt free and livin' your dream! You can find her introductory post here and segment one on "strong beginnings" there with more to follow. If you have any desire to become better stewards of what God has given you, you'll find Amy's reflections very helpful!

And I liked Debbie's November 11th post about teaching gratitude. I know this is also a technique used in marriage counseling, to make a conscious effort to write down five things you appreciate about your spouse every day. Soon you'll remember why you fell in love with them in the first place, and the negative thoughts will flee in the face of all the positive!

Or how about something we all grapple with this time of year: How to simplify our lives and avoid overdoing it at Christmas. Valley Girl is hosting a Reinventing Christmas Carnival in an attempt to take Christmas back. I'm thinking a lot of people have some very good ideas on how to do that, and look forward to seeing what they share. Remember we want to start some new traditions! For sure one thing I don't think is helpful: the new ads appearing on buses in D.C. I just find it sadly ironic that people are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas.

Do you realize Christmas is less than six weeks away? I've been jotting down things I want to share in coming days...some oddball unique gift ideas, an alternative to exchanging gifts on Christmas, traditions we've devloped as a family, as well as some thoughts of how I see us celebrating this year. If I can encourage even one young mom with what we've learned over the years, I'll feel my blog serves a purpose.

Other than waxing eloquent about chocolate, that is. I do have my priorities straight, y'know.

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