Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

This will be the fastest post on record (for me anyway). We leave in less than half an hour for the big Thanksgiving meal with the extended missionary family (from several missions) here in Buenos Aires.

Yesterday we enjoyed a day in Tigre, walking around the artisan shops and taking a river cruise on the delta of the Paraná River. It was so HOT and we had to drink a LOT of water to keep hydrated. Our car broke down (alternator belt) so we had ACA (like AAA) come and give us a charge, and we drove back into the city with no air conditioning or lights. Made it almost all the way back and it stalled :-( ACA sent another mechanic out and he ended up just replacing the belt right there on a busy street! ACA is our new best friend.

The car trouble may have been a blessing in disguise because I was so ready to spend some money! The shops had the most wonderful things. Some of which we NEED. I mean really NEED. Like light fixtures, etc. And the prices were better than any other place we've seen (plus we liked more of the merchandise here) but alas we had no time to go back after the 1-1/2 hour cruise and shop. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I guess it depends on whether I find something I like as well for as low a price. Either way, too late now.

Or as the hubby is fond of saying, "It is what it is."

We spent last evening catching up with dear friends in the next suburb over. Ricardo and the hubby go WAY back, to when they were children, and have kept in touch all these years. Graciela brought out a photo from the first time the hubby brought me and the kids to Argentina. That was twelve years ago and it's a picture of all of us at the airport when they came to see us off. Such good memories! Graciela prepared a most delicious meal and I have her receta for creamed potatoes which I'll share in an upcoming Saturday Stirrings that Carol hosts. A really easy and delicious recipe!

After the big meal today we head to Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. Finally! This will be the first chance we've had to go since we arrived OVER THREE MONTHS AGO. Only our family will understand how unbelievable it is that we haven't gone before. This is the home my hubby lived in the last three years he was in Argentina. He went to high school in Santa Rosa and helped his parents build the house. Again, lots of good memories! And a quiet place for us to unwind for a few days. And hopefully cool down, too, after the incredible heat of the city.

I know we won't have internet access there but we'll go into town and find wifi so I can keep up with e-mails and post once or twice. That's the nice thing about internet. Have computer, will travel :-)

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rita said...

Oh!!! Tigre! Santa Rosa! ¡Cuántos recuerdos!