Friday, November 7, 2008

Fin De Semana

It's the end of the week, fin de semana, and I am GLAD. Because this has been a rough one and I'm glad it's about over. 'Nuf said, and now on to more important things...

There are 13 rose bushes around my yard. There were 14 but one was dead when we moved in. The 13 are taking turns blooming. They are pale pink, bright pink, yellow with the pink tips, and red. They are glorious!

We are buying a car today. Since the seller's bank didn't want to accept a wire transfer we have been hitting the ATM daily, getting out the maximum allowed. Today we'll finally have enough. The hubby is trying to get the paperwork needed to register the car right away but not sure it will happen until Monday (or Tuesday or...).

Have I mentioned things take longer here?

The manufacturer refuses to fix our camera. Not surprised. Online research indicates their warranty is pretty much worthless. They say we dropped the camera. Duh! Has anyone ever NOT dropped their camera? But we did not drop the camera on the day it quit working. Actually the hubby dropped it the first week and it continued working just fine for two more months, hundreds of pictures and a quite a bit of video footage. Anyway, all that rushing around and getting the camera to the U.S. as quickly as possible for repair was pretty much wasted time and money. Oh well. The son is going to see about getting us a new one. It will be nice to have a camera again; my cell phone is pretty limited in what it can do. Photographically speaking.

The curtain store where we bought the hardware needed for the living room does not carry the cotton sheeting I want to line the curtains. And since the blue damask is cotton, I want to at least find a cotton/poly blend, if not 100% cotton. We can check another store in town and if that doesn't pan out, we'll have to look the next time we're in Cordoba.

I finish the antibiotics tomorrow. Am feeling much better but not 100% yet.

A lot of things were let slide while I was down for the count. But not the laundry. 'Cause I am totally addicted to washing clothes and hanging them out on the line. I'm sad when I don't have at least one load to do. Is that weird or what (rhetorical question, don't answer!).

Isn't the minutiae of my life too exciting for words?

Something I am excited about: different ones in our small group are opening their homes for Sunday night gatherings. As our co-workers just shared in their prayer update: "The group is learning the meaning of being a body, a group of believers gathered as a church, no matter in what building."

Also, on Sunday my daughter is being inducted into Alpha Chi, the National College Honor Society. We can't be there but I think her grandma is going to the ceremony. The daughter has been trying to figure out what to wear. Faculty in attendance will be in full academic regalia so it's a sure bet she has to dress up :-) Hopefully someone will be taking pictures!

Have I mentioned I'm pretty proud of my kids? :-)

And now I'm off to work on laundry. I have TWO LOADS today. Woohoo!

P.S. My hubby just informed me that we are not married. Here. They do not recognize marriages that take place anywhere else. So I guess we're "goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married" next week. Actually to the Registro Civil. Sorry but you won't be receiving an invite. I kept telling the hubby I wanted to renew our vows. But I meant in a really big whoopdedoo celebration for a special anniversary. Another example of the need to BE SPECIFIC WHEN YOU ASK.


rita said...

¡Felicitaciones on the up-coming nuptials ;-), and the new car! Glad you're feeling better, and enjoy happy things like doing laundry, smelling the roses, and admiring them!

susanna said...

I know that you live in Argentina and all but would you mind coming and helping me with my laundry...since you enjoy it so much? Just give the word and I will hang a line in the back yard. :) Sue(tsg)