Monday, November 24, 2008

Morning in Buenos Aires

It's 9:30 a.m. and I'm sitting on our friends' balcony out back, overlooking a lush yard and surrounded by plants on this second story patio. Marlene has a green thumb...and every other finger is green, too, I think. (Bless her heart, she has given us cuttings from various plants, including an orchid for Ivan. Woot!) We had coffee and toast out here and now I'm just enjoying the shade of the grape arbor. Sorta need it, 'cause it's already 80° in the shade!

The trip yesterday was nine hours through completely flat country. Felt a bit like we were driving through Ohio. Back and forth for hours :-) For those not familiar with the country of Argentina, we traveled through the vast pampas (or plains). Miles and miles of fields with occasional small towns and one big city along the way.

Discovered when we arrived that it was a good thing we drove, since if we'd waited to take the bus last evening we would have been stuck because there was a strike. Shocking I know. This time it wasn't the bus drivers, but the toll booth operators.

Now we're waiting for the other missionaries to arrive. The ones from Resistencia are coming by bus, so could be waiting a while. Hope the air conditioning on the bus holds out. In 2007 we did a lot of traveling by public transport and seemed like it didn't matter what we took, the a.c. went out on it. Boat, bus, whatever. And have I mentioned how hot it is here?

The missionaries are arriving so it's adios for now!

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Just wonderin' where in Bs.As?