Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Know You're A Missionary When...

I recently read another missionary's blog with her list and it inspired me to think about what's unique here. So here you have it, 25 ways to know you're a missionary in Argentina...

1. You put your garbage out for collection every night, on a tall pole so the animals can’t get to it before it’s picked up.
2. You clap your hands loudly in front of someone’s house to let them know you’re there.
3. You know a car is for sale because a bottle is sitting on top of it when it’s parked.
4. The light fixtures in your house consist of holes in the ceiling, dangling wires and bare light bulbs.
5. Almost every house has a fence and locked gate.
6. A few people don’t hesitate to tell you they hate Americans.
7. Even the birds chirp in a foreign language (okay, maybe not, but it sure sounds like it!).
8. A portion of your water bill is for burial expenses should you die while living here -- they’ll dig the grave for free.
9. But you’ll have to pay a grave fee in perpetuity should you decide to be buried here.
10. No one mails their payments to the respective companies; you either have to pay them at the main office of each business or at little stores called Rapi-Pagos -- but always in cash.
11. You have to keep your gate and doors locked ALL THE TIME.
12. Roses bloom year round in your yard.
13. Each home owner is responsible for the sidewalk in front of their house, so there may be as many different kinds of sidewalks as there are houses on a block. From tile to cement to stone, in all shapes and sizes and colors.
14. You buy your milk, mayonnaise and ketchup in bags.
15. Stores still deliver right to your house.
16. You put your toilet paper in a waste basket rather than the toilet.
17. All the windows have security bars on them.
18. Your local gas station also has the best coffee in town.
19. Most businesses close for several hours every afternoon and it's impossible to find a restaurant open before 8 p.m.
20. Most people eat supper at 9 to 10 p.m.
21. Schools have so many students they have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
22. The school year starts in March and goes through December.
23. Christmas is in the summer.
24. You spend days getting the necessary paperwork done when you buy a car (or rent a house...).
25. You feel sure you’re right where God wants you.


Beverlydru said...

I was fascinated to read your list! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so intrigued by other cultures... a Southern girl in Argentina. Nice to meet you!

Kathy said...

You forgot one. When kids go to school they wear a white "delantal" that makes them look like doctors (at least the boys)
I loved those days in Argentina....

Way More Homemade said...

Love this. Great list.

Debbie said...

I just love reading about your life. This is great fun.

Christy said...

Great list, Kim!

Kim said...

They no longer wear the white doctor-looking coats to school, Kathy. Most private schools do have uniforms but those tend toward casual sports clothes and not dressy things.

Kycousin said...

Kim, Cousin Bobbie here. I have been lurking for a week or so and do enjoy your posts. Please email me privately I have some news to relate. My address is bbwasher@windstream.net.
Enjoyed the list today. Gives one food for thought.

rita said...

I didn't know or remember about the TP, thought that was only in Mexico.
Surprised about the 'guardapolvos'. Public schools don't use them either?