Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worship Time - "If We Are The Body" by Casting Crowns

I think this song gets pretty frequent play on Christian radio stations (at least it did when we lived in the U.S.) so it may be very familiar. But it's a song with some serious Truth to it that we need to be reminded of every so often.

So, what are you doing in the body?

A recap of our week:
➀ Hubby finished the paperwork to put the car into our name.
➁ Attempted to keep up with housework and laundry (not so much).
➂ Sewed one curtain panel; eight more to go.
➃ Hubby took the car to a mechanic for some minor repairs and adjustments.
➄ Still haven't gotten married; not enough time this week.
➅ Spanish every weekday, as is the custom. During one class I had to call someone on the phone. Yikes! Not too awful, although I did tell the person that I've lived here for three tables instead of three months.
➆ Hubby continued working on the storage cabinet that will house our washer on the patio. This is a security measure. Goes along with always keeping the gates and doors locked.
➇ I shared my testimony with a ladies group in Cordoba on Saturday. Partly in Spanish and partly in English.
➈ On Friday it was in the mid 90s and we went to bed wishing we had a fan. An overnight storm blew in not only rain but cooler weather. The high on Saturday was 68°.
➉ Our attempt to shop yesterday was stymied at almost every point. So I still don't have any cocoa powder to correct the nutritional deprivation brought on by lack of chocolate scones.

As I've mentioned once or six times, everything takes longer here. Again, this is not a good or bad thing, it's just different.

As for yesterday, the shopping fiasco began when the computers went down at Easy (equivalent to Home Depot) after we'd spent several hours browsing, pricing and picking up a few things we needed right away AND more than 1/2 hour in the checkout line. It happened just as we made it to the cashier. Of course.

All that shopping and standing in line for naught made us quite hungry. But all the restaurants were closed. We'd missed the lunch hours and they wouldn't open back up for dinner until 8-9 p.m. So our late lunch consisted of sandwiches de miga and cafe con leche, plus some pastries, enjoyed in a small bakery/cafe. Sandwiches de miga are as ubiquitous to Argentine culture as máte I think. You can find them everywhere, from gas stations and kiosks to nicer restaurants. It consists of thinly sliced white gummy bread (think Wonder bread), the crusts cut off and paper-thin slices of ham and cheese tucked in but no mayo or any other kind of condiment.

I didn't suffer much any since the spread of goodies at the ladies' meeting was impressive and tasty! And they sent us home with a plate of cookies and cake, too.

On the way home we stopped at Walmart but discovered it was not the one that's open 24/7 and it closed when we arrived. At that point we were too tired to drive clear across town to the other Walmart so we just came home.

I think God really wants us to understand the concept of delayed gratification.

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rita said...

The song goes along with our sermon today: Faith & works go together. There's a sign in town: Service is love wearing an apron.