Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

After a little blogging break I neither planned nor wanted, I'm back. While able to work through a migraine, throw in a few other physical ailments and I cried "Uncle!"

My time has not been totally wasted. I caught up on reading everyone else's blogs, found a few new ones, and checked out all the etsy shops here in Argentina.

I also voted. Although not without some nail chewing and concern. The absentee voter ballots did not arrive until after 4 p.m. on THURSDAY. We immediately filled them out and the hubby got online, then the phone to find out the quickest way to get them back in time. Because the time, it is SHORT! If those puppies don't arrive before the polls close on Tuesday then they don't get counted.

We went with FedEx, which I'm not sure was such a good idea. They are the ones, after all, who took SIX days instead of THREE to get the ballots to us. And after getting shuttled back and forth on the phone with various employees, the hubby hired a taxi and raced to Cordoba to get them to the FedEx office before it closed at 6 p.m. He made it and we have an international air waybill. Which number is still not showing up in the system as we try to track it. So guess who's not real hopeful about her vote?

And you don't even want to know how much we ended up spending altogether in the attempt. But remember, voting is a privilege and a responsibility and we thought it was important to do what we could. I'm just going to be muy triste if it doesn't get there in time.

There's an empty lot next door that had weeds growing almost 8 feet high, including some pretty purple thistles which I knew would send even more baby thistle plants into my yard before much longer. The hubby has pulled up so many of those pesky things in the front, back and sides -- they are EVERYWHERE! -- and even now it's not safe to venture barefoot into the yard. He's going to have to spray for broadleaf. Anyway, a couple guys showed up one evening and started clearing that empty lot. Yippee! So for now our yard is free from the Invasion of the Purple Thistles. 'Course they didn't completely kill them, just cut them down to ground level so we'll see how long before they threaten our little kingdom again.

The sewing of the curtains will commence this morning. Or maybe early afternoon. I do need to do some housecleaning and laundry after slacking off the last few days. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, got done by my lily white hands this week. The hubby has cooked and kept up with dishes, bless his heart! He takes such good care of me.

Beyond being anxious to privatize our living room, I wanna finish the curtains so I can get to the FUN sewing. I have some quilts-in-progress and a few other projects that I'd hoped to have done by Christmas. Especially after finding some inspiring quilting blogs, my fingers are itchin' to do something creative.

Found out the camera must be repaired and sent to the guy returning to Argentina by mid-November, not the end of November. So pray that happens! While my cell phone does take photos, I much prefer my little Casio Exilim with it's fun little zoom feature for flowers as well as all its other cool options. If it doesn't get done in time, no big deal, we'll just have it sent with whoever comes next. But that might be a while.

The daughter's car, an older model (1982) Mercedes Benz diesel was in the shop for a few days. She has nick-named the car "Miss Daisy" since it doesn't have much get up and go. Miss Daisy is never going to be a good get-away car but it's perfect for those Sunday afternoon see-how-slow-you-can-go-without-causing-road-rage-in-other-people drives. So while Miss Daisy was having all her glow plugs replaced, the daughter was allowed to drive her aunt's Miata! Whoa baby! Gleeful doesn't even begin to describe the fun she had :-)

The son was equally gleeful when telling me how low gas prices have gone. He filled up his tank for about $30 this week, something that hasn't happened in years. With all the traveling he does in Indiana, Michigan and the occasional foray into Ohio, lower gas prices make him VERY happy!

The other thing that makes him happy is his new smoker. He's been smokin' all kinds of meat every weekend, and then makin' us drool with the descriptions. And he 'bout sent me over the edge with the link to a blog with a photo tutorial on smoking your own bacon. The wonderful kind of bacon I cannot buy here. At.All. So now I'm wondering how we can get a smoker, and the right chunk of pork to do our own. I am so ready to go all Pioneer Woman!

This morning I will attempt to make homemade country sausage. Courtesy of a recipe from a good friend, I have gathered all the supplies and am ready to squish and squash it all into a mass and make patties. If'n this turns out, I see a yummy breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy in my future. Yee Haw! I'll let you know if it turns out, and might even share the recipe. So stay tuned!


Farrah said...

I SOO enjoyed reading this post! You have a delightful writing style and wonderful sense of humor.

October was a pretty rough month for me healthwise, so I can identify with that! Autoimmunie deseases often worsen with the colder weather. I too have a wonderful husband who I am truly grateful for. Praise the Lord! He is a great help to me!

I'd love to spend more time crafting or painting if I could find some! Lol! And we have lots to do in our yard, but that will have to be pushed back another winter until spring.

Hear ya on the gas prices!

Oh, but your voting story is just too much! Poor things! Hubby just drops ours off down the street. That's awesome that you were so dedicated to get them out! I guess that privilege can be expensive!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

rita said...

Glad you're back and feeling a lot better! I'm surprised you accomplished as much as you did even with a migraine.
Your thistle story reminded me of Austria where dandelions were outlawed and you were fined if you had any in your yard.
Today we set our clocks back, so how much time difference now?