Friday, January 16, 2009

Have you ever been so tired your brain just sort of buzzes?

That's about how tired my brain was last night. But it was a good tired. I spent Thursday morning with a new Argentine friend who also likes to craft. She's a very accomplished artist and seamstress so I took a pair of my capris over and she explained how to go about altering them.

I took two years of home ec in high school. At the end of the two years while everyone else was making complete new outfits -- oh, how I loved Edith's turquoise corduroy pantsuit! -- I was 'allowed' to make four placemats. The memory, though over 30 years old is still too painful to talk about so I can't go into details...

Suffice it to say I needed help with altering instructions.

I also took a baby quilt project I'm working on (I have a couple in progress right now) and we just had us a fine time talking about sewing, creating, our families and faith. At least I'm pretty sure that's what we talked about.

Oh I kid.

That's exactly what we talked about. I'm sure we didn't understand everything each other said but we got most of it! We're going to start hanging out on Thursday mornings since that's one of the times the hubby meets with our co-worker to discuss the men's ministry.

After the hubby picked me up we stopped at a Sherwin Williams paint store. People, you have no idea how happy this paint store makes me. Our first paint purchases left me in despair. More like whitewash than paint, I could see many future days of touching up because YOU CANNOT WASH THE WALLS OR THE PAINT COMES RIGHT OFF. And you will remember that all the walls are white. *sigh*

And when the hubby was building my washer cabinet, he was more than a little frustrated with the paint for that. He's an experienced painter and the cabinet looked terrible! I finally convinced him to go to the Sherwin Williams store that we had seen and we are so much happier with the products from there. My washer cabinet, with a fresh coat of S.W. paint, looks fabulous.

So we buy all our paint there now, including what we picked up yesterday for the bed platform. I hope to have photos up of that tomorrow. Hubby didn't have much time yesterday to work on it but is planning to do more today.

I'll also buy the paint for the dining room at Sherwin Williams. It's the one room that hubby is letting me paint something other than white and I'm going with a soft green. Oooo, happy dance! The dining room is not really a dining room at all. We set up chairs when we have gatherings here, or a table for Spanish class if it's at our house, and it serves as a craft center when I have anyone over for that. So with as much time as I spend in there, I'm really glad it will have a nice color on the walls.

Yesterday I had Spanish with Marcela in that room, which still sports scuffed and dirty white walls for now. Aside from the actual, you know, class work we got done, I told her about an idea I have. When I'm more fluent with the language I'd like to start a blog in Spanish! I just think it makes a lot of sense and she agreed with me ☺ So I'm hoping by the time I approach my one-year mark with the class (September) I'll be ready to launch. Or maybe sooner if progress comes a little faster.

Anyway, by the end of class my brain was just flat TIRED from all the concentration on Spanish. It will be so nice when I get to the point that a day of Spanish won't knock me on my behind. But you see why it will be a while before I'm ready to start blogging in Spanish.

My goodness, it was about all I could do to mindlessly iron for an hour, make supper and take a shower. I had no idea the brain could just sort of shut down after a hard day at the office. Quite honestly, I went to bed a little worried last night but I feel fine this morning and the brain is fresh as a daisy. Hallelujah!

I'm raring to go but wanted to post before I started. Didn't want to let another day go by without checking in. I did visit a few blogs last night but not many. I have some catching up to do! And for those who wanted to see photos of the platform, check back tomorrow!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My Spanish-minor daughter might like your Spanish blog because she can relate to learning, and it will help her to see another who is still grappling with the language. I think it's a great idea.

Mari said...

I can see why your brain was buzzing. You did a lot, and then to add the Spanish on top. Mine would be tired too! We had a new patient admitted yesterday who speaks only Spanish. I may learn a little Spanish myself in the new few weeks!

Debbie said...

I like SW paint colors. They always appeal to me more than other companies.
And my brain buzzes all the time. That isn't normal?

Sharon said...

I sympathize with your tailoring woes my friend. I once attended a wedding wearing a dress that I had made. The bride's sister approached me and asked "did you make your dress?" (NOT the reaction I was going for!).
As to the spanish blog... Admiro tu perseverancia, ni siquiera yo me animo a escribir un blog en castellano.

rita said...

I could have benefitted from your honest perspective when I was a profe. Students did mention being 'brain tired.'
Never imagined you having sewing troubles since you're such an amazing quilter.
Can't wait for you to 'bloguear en castellano'.

BTW I had to go to a local WiFi hangout as our internet is out and no technician till next Wed! Argh! Can't do the photo thing with my cute new little laptop. In fact, I had trouble even replying to your e-m. This is working better.