Friday, January 2, 2009

This will be a short post because...well, I'm tired. Aren't you?

I've had a lot of fun the past couple weeks but all the partying and staying up way past my bedtime has caught up with me.

This morning I decided I couldn't get up until I'd read another chapter in "El Caballero de la Armadura Oxidada". This is my homework over the holidays and --horror of horrors -- I sorta forgot about it ☹ I put it into a drawer while cleaning as we prepared for our Christmas dinner and poof! the memory of needing to read it went right out of my head. Until I was looking for something and came across it the other day.

So, NOT going to have it done before Spanish lessons resume next week. *sigh* I used to be so organized and together. It's like middle-agedness just sucks all your intelligence out along with the hot flashes and insomnia.

But aside from getting a late start, the book is muy divertido (very entertaining)! It's about a knight in shining armor who thinks he's good, generous and loving but whose wife finally gives him an ultimatum: Either get out of that armor once in a while, or she and the son are outta there.

In chapter one he attempts to get the armor off but not even the strongest man in the kingdom can help him. So in chapter 2 he's off to the forests to find Merlin, the magician.

Even though this is a children's book, and I'm doing surprisingly well with occasional help on words from the hubby, it is time-consuming to read in Spanish. It took 1-1/2 hours this morning to read chapter 2. I think as I get more of the vocabulary down (many words and phrases repeated, obviously) it will go faster.

Aside from that I'm just cleaning house and doing laundry today. Kinda nice to be back in the old routine again ☺ Is everyone else just recovering, too? Or do you have special plans for this weekend? Inquiring minds want to know!


Mari said...

I'm at work today, but have the weekend off. I'll be catching up at home! Good for you for reading that book!

junglewife said...

I have always found it very hard to read in another language, no matter how well I speak it: in high school in my "Literature of Spain" class, and in Indonesian language school, reading the newspaper, and short stories, and novels in Indonesian. There's just a difference in between being able to understand the individual words, and understanding the story/concept/ideas. You go, girl!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I just admire you so much. Yeah, middle age kind of trips a lot of us up. But just think how mentally sharp you're staying. I always read suggestions about working cross word puzzles to stay sharp, but you're on over-drive!

Debbie said...

Kudos to you for reading in Spanish. I just can't imagine. Maybe that is why I can barely read in English.

sara said...

Hey kim! thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry you couldn't grab the project 365 button. I am having trouble with the code.....

But if you just grab it and move it to your desktop. then you can add it as a picture in your sidebar

Hope that works!!! This will be a lot of fun!!

rita said...

That book sounds like fun!
A lot of pictures ;)?
How many chapters?
Well, yes, I'm tired. Leah and I took all the grands to the Indy Children's Museum today. Great time! I think I should go to bed, but I haven't blogged yet, too much happening. :-(