Monday, January 12, 2009

This morning it was raining... we didn't get our walk in. But I enjoyed sitting inside with a cup of coffee and listening to the pitter patter of rain on the roof. It slowed to a sprinkle by the time I left for Spanish and had stopped entirely by the end of class.

Wouldn't have mattered either way because I've been inside doing paperwork all afternoon. I'm so behind on thank you's that it's embarrassing. People are going to think we're ungrateful wretches.

The hubby figured out that by re-using some of the pallet wood from our move along with wood left over from the garage loft project, he'd have enough to make a bed platform. He was absolutely gleeful because the man does love figuring out how to utilize the last little bit of anything.

But the project came to a grinding halt when something broke on the planer while creating mounds of wood shavings from the pallet wood. Since he can fix pretty much anything I have no doubt things will soon be humming along. And by tomorrow I will once again be elevated to new heights. While sleeping at least.

Viewing the blocks posted on Project Improv's flickr site yesterday inspired me to go make one myself. Using scraps left over from other projects (the hubby isn't the only one who likes figuring out how to use the last little bit of anything) I created this: A wonky log cabin-ish block in pinks and oranges. This is my block for charity. Although... I had so much fun and there are still lots of scraps left, I just might have to make another one ☺

If y'all haven't peeked yet, you really should go to my sidebar and click on the Project Improv button. Even non-quilters will enjoy all the color going on over there!


Debbie said...

That is adorable. I so love the bright colors. Great job.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

You are so talented and to give something like that to charity will mean so much. Great job

Mari said...

I love your square! The colors and shapes are so fun!

rita said...

Ivan & I came from the same mold, well, in some ways, that one for sure.