Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here are the pictures I promised of the bed platform project

Which isn't quite finished yet so more photos will be forthcoming but I wanted to post current progress and give y'all an idea of where we're going with this.

Warning: recycling old wood is great for the environment and the pocketbook but IT TAKES WAY MORE TIME. The hubby is happy he was able to utilize some of the pallet wood, but oh my word, it is taking so much longer to build the platform. Can't just buy the wood, cut, glue nail, and paint. Oh No! You must disassemble the pallets, remove all nails and other foreign matter, then plane the pallet wood. Piece.By.Piece. Before you can even get started.

Just sayin'.

So here you have it...First up is a photo of three of the cross support frames built using pallet wood. Next is the center support and cross supports in their final configuration. And a close-up of the support system. Sliding the platform top onto the support frame... Finally, a view from the foot of the bed. See how it angles in? That's to prevent stubbed toes which we had issues with on the last bed platform.
That was a trial run to make sure all the pieces fit and make any necessary adjustments. Then we took it apart and now we're in the process of painting the individual pieces before final assembly. The hubby is also going to put rubber "feet" on the edges of the cross supports since floors here are not so even. That will also raise the platform enough to offset the teeny tiny error in measurements made that currently have it a little low for the bedskirt I plan to use.

This platform is shorter than our last one, and that is entirely due to the bedskirt issue. I had a really long skirt last time that allowed a very tall platform. Since I have a longer bedskirt for the guest bed, that platform will be taller. One of the nice things about building your own furniture is that you can custom build to suit your exact needs ☺

Some might prefer to start with the size bins you want to use under the bed, build to suit and then buy a bedskirt to fit. I don't have that luxury since bedskirts are not a common commodity here. Gotta use what I brought from the U.S.

And what I brought was a denim blue tailored bedskirt which doesn't really go with the brown, cream and light aqua quilt I'm going to use. No problema! I spent the morning dyeing the bedskirt dark brown...

...along with some linen that I'll use with other fabrics to make some custom funky pillow shams. Photos to follow!


Mari said...

You two are ingenious! Building, sewing, dying fabric... you do it all and I'm impressed.

Mocha with Linda said...

I laughed when I saw your comment on Lid's site about the water. My sister has had her fair share of amoebas in her missionary life as well. Not fun.