Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life Accomplishment List

Debbie at Suburb Sanity always brings a fresh perspective to the table. That is to say, the girl is nuts and she cracks me up! A perfect example is her take on the Life Accomplishment List -- which I just loved! I'd seen the "real deal" on a few blogs and have to agree with Debbie that the list was a little too "sweet". With that special Debbie twist, the List is now more in keeping with something the rest of us can relate to realistically. You are supposed to copy the list onto your blog and highlight the ones you have done.

HOWEVER Debbie, I'm sorry but I am excessively somewhat a bit OCD and having 32 on the list just set my teeth on edge. Hope you don't mind but I rounded it up to 40. Nice even number divisible by 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, & 20. I like numbers that are highly divisible by other nice round numbers.

40 is also an age I remember with fondness. 40 was a very good year for me although I didn't realize it at the time. I was too busy immersed in the mediocrity of my life to know it would be the last year of "normal" I would probably see for the remainder of my lifetime.

And so I give you Debbie's Life Accomplishment List with a few additions I feel sure many of you will be able to relate to, some more than others.

1. Started something you actually finished
2. Stood at the bottom of a mountain and thought "wonder why people climb that?"

3. Been booed off a karaoke stage
4. Visited Detroit
5. Given someone food poisoning
6. Walked to the top of a flight of 8 stairs

7. Grown your own hallucinogens
8. Seen a reproduction of famous artwork done on black velvet
9. Slept on a train or other public transportation and not known why
10. Held a possum
11. Driven by an area where people were running a marathon
12. Taught yourself your native language
13. Told someone to quit complaining since they appear to have enough money to be satisfied
14. Wondered about the whole "Michelangelo's David" relationship
15. Been bought a meal in a restaurant by a stranger (or the owner after you skipped out on the bill)
16. Looked up Africa on a map
17. Ran along a street by moonlight with nice gentlemen in blue escorting you
18. Had your mug shot taken
19. Ruined a business
20. Eaten a whole box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting
21. Threatened a Girl Scout if she tried to take back said cookies.
22. Read a book
23. Had your name in the newspaper in a section other than "police blotter"

24. Been on the wrong end of a jury
25. Walked all over town with old underwear hanging out the bottom of one pant leg
26. Forgotten to pick up one of your kids until someone called you to ask if you had been in a terrible accident
27. Eaten an entire container of ice cream - not the small one either - from the container with a spoon - in one sitting
28. Hidden the evidence of #27 under something really disgusting in the trash can
29. Ducked behind furniture to keep from answering the doorbell to some person collecting for something
30. Hidden in your bedroom/bathroom/closet to eat something so the kids wouldn't know
31. Bought something and hidden the evidence from your spouse.

32. Interpreted that "7-second rule" to be any multiple of 7, and then served the saved item to guests.
33. Had your young children tell you they think it’s time for you to go take a “time out” or, even better, a nap.
34. Consistently gotten lost while navigating through Detroit on your visits
(see #4).
35. Wrecked your first car after 8 days, your 2nd car after three months. [Hence the nick name “Crash”]
36. Sewn a quilt to your lap when quilting while watching a riveting episode of 24, which then required more than 20 minutes of concentrated and careful seam ripping to prevent permanent damage to both the quilt and your clothing.
37. Gone through 20 lbs. of chocolate chips in one year.
38. Have relatives whose chickens and pigs run through the house and where a trip to the bathroom means a trek through the chicken coop.
39. Lived without electricity -- and thus the ability to use a curling iron to do something with your baby fine, totally straight hair -- for a year.
40. Made a major move in middle age, starting over from scratch with a lot less money, energy, and stamina than at any point in your life. And loved it!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love it! and I'm so adding "not calling someone a cow in a foreign language" to my list of things I have never done! You're to funny girlie!

Mari said...

I love this! There are several I can relate to and a few that I couldn't handle. Like #38 and 39!