Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's 4 a.m. and pretty quiet in my neighborhood

An upset tummy woke me up and since I can't seem to sleep I thought I'd drag my tired body over to the computer and see what's happening in Bloggyville. And for a while I've been wanting to figure out how to do some things so I've been exploring the layout page this morning and all it offers. But I've determined that being half asleep is not conducive to intellectual pursuits or blog layout possibilities. Although I did activate a couple of cool features, like letting people easily subscribe to my blog and showing the list of followers. I was surprised to find I had followers! Happy dance ☺

I knew my blogger 'clock' was set at Pacific coast time but didn't know how to change it -- until this morning when I finally found the place to do that. Now we're set at the correct Buenos Aires time (not that we're in Buenos Aires but that's the right time).

Wednesday was a really nice day. The hubby gave me the afternoon "off" by leaving the house and giving me some alone time. Some people re-charge their batteries by being with other people, they need that interaction. Others of us re-charge with alone time. I go a little bit nuts if I don't get some alone time periodically. And we were fast approaching that point of craziness.

I posted on the blog, did some laundry, started working on the pillow shams for my bed, worked on Spanish, took a nap, had Spanish class, worked some more on the pillow shams... As I re-read that sentence, it appears there was a lot of 'working' going on but it was fun work, creative work, that I also need to do frequently or the crazy comes on and things get ugly.

The hubby dropped off some lunch early on, having stopped at a little Middle Eastern restaurant where he found pita bread and hummus and tabouli. Yum! When he returned about 9 p.m. we heated up leftovers and settled in to watch an episode of 24.

So how great is that?! A quiet day of just catching my breath and relaxing a little.


Mari said...

I've been your follower for a while, but now I'm official! You got lots done yesterday, so you can afford to take it easy today. Feel better!

Debbie said...

I hope the upset tummy is all well now.

Sharon said...

I WANT TO BE A FOLLOWER TOO!!! Why can't I be a follower?

Lhoyt said...

Been a follower since you reached Argentina. Thanks for the interesting insights!



skoots1mom said...

hope you're better...sounds like a great day 2 me!!

rita said...

Of course you KNOW I am an avid follower. And, hey, I'm a fan of 24also! :)