Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tired Tuesdays

There are a lot of special days in Bloggyville. Works For Me Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays, Friday's Fave Five. A lot of upbeat, happy days.

Well, I'm going for Tired Tuesdays. I doubt I'm the only one out there hormonal, menopausal, or otherwise PMSy.

On top of that, this Tuesday I'm recovering from a little visit from my old pal, E. Coli. Not Italian although you'd think that by the "i" on the end of his name. No, E. is from the Shiga tribe that dwells in Intestinaland. But E. likes to travel extensively and decided to catch a few rays in sunny South America over the weekend, and he found it so pleasant here he stayed over an extra day. E. is spontaneous that way. But E. is a difficult house guest, hard to please and doesn't really know when to leave. You've had guests like that, right? It's no wonder that I am quite tired after his visit.

I'm glad tomorrow is Wednesday. Maybe someone will post a WFMW about how to deal with Tired Tuesdays.


Mari said...

You poor thing. I've never had E coli myself but I've had several patients with it and know it's no fun. Take your medicine, rest and get better!

Kathy said...

You crack me up! E. has never visited me. I am not sure I would welcome him to my home but should he decide to come unexpectedly I would ask for your advice on how to get rid of him!
Hope you feel better soon...Praying for you!

skoots1mom said...

manuka honey...two words that have saved me...
i buy in online...its New Zeallan honey where the bees have gathered tea tree pollen...
it is a natural bacteria fighter...it killed H. pylori for me, and i had struggled over a year.
good stuff! just a tsp ea morning on a piece of bread!
hope you get lots of rest, water, and bananas to replenish

rita said...

Yuk! Pobrecita!
I'm tired too, but it wasn't E's fault, although I think I could list just about every other letter of the alfabeto in the nombres of the beaucoup chicos that wore me out hoy. It was a dia especially largo porque I visited the new escuela and its 12 estudiantes after dos other schools and luego went to the casa of another alumno.
Not to one-up ya' or anythin' just sayin'
Love ya!