Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WFMW - Gift Preparedness

I'll tell you what, it's hard to think of helpful things at 5 o'dark in the morning. I've been sitting here racking my brains, trying to think of something... anything that might prove interesting and helpful for all those creative and so-already-have-it-together bloggers out there. What can I possibly share that hasn't already been done? Everything I think of, someone else has already blogged about it for WFMW. This is getting to be a hard gig to play!

Oh wait, I know something! And if you've already read it somewhere, don't tell me. This fragile southern belle (*snort*) doesn't handle those things well.

So here's the thing, for years I've been picking up odd little items on sale or clearance that I think would make good gifts. Not always with someone in mind, just the idea that "Hey, this picture frame is so cute and would make a nice baby shower gift" or "Oooo, someone's gonna love this book on decorating shabby chic style." Previously I kept all these things tucked in a plastic bin under my bed, easily accessible and ready at a moment's notice.

By buying here and there when things were marked down, I spread the cost AND keep the cost down for those inevitable gifts you need to buy. Birthdays, showers, anniversaries...and of course, Christmas. You can always pick up great Christmas items at summer sidewalk sales that made great gifts in December.

Before we moved I finished gifting my "stock" and I haven't started filling my bin here yet. Actually I don't have a bin any more. Another one of those things I didn't bring and now wish I had. Oh well. But I do plan to start doing this again. And this time I'm going to add items I make. I've had a lot of fun sewing colored pencil rolls for a couple young girls recently and think they would be great items to have on hand. I have some other ideas for homemade gifts, too.

And that's my tip for this week. Y'all get on over to Shannon's for plenty of ideas from seriously creative and organized bloggers.


Mari said...

I think that's a seriously organized idea! I love it and am going to try and start my own bin.

Elizabeth said...

I use to buy things here and there but my problem was I ended up storing these items here and there in the house and I could never find what I needed at the time I needed it. So maybe I should start up again but this time put everything in one bin so I know where to go.
Thanks for the great tip!

Kim said...

I do this too! Some of the gifts in my bin are scheduled to be there for a long time. When I was a small child my mom bought my sister and I our church cookbook. She hid them in the attic and gave them to us as wedding shower gifts 20 years later. Shortly after my first son was born our Church republished that cookbook. I bought 3 and put them in that bin, hoping to have future daughters-in-law to give them to in 20 or so years.

Debbie said...

I never thought of adding items I make to the stash. Oh wait. I don't make anything.

rita said...

I needed the bin-concept.
Why am I so scattered?!
Home enjoying another snow day.
Do you wish you were here?

Lisa @ The Owl's Nest said...

I do this too, but I wish I was crafy enough to MAKE things to put in my bin. Oh well...someday!

Great post!

Susan D said...

Those are wonderful ideas. I especially like your tip of making things yourself to give away. Blessings, Susan

Lisa @ The Owl's Nest said...

Hi Kim!

I received the opportunity to name 10 creative bloggers to win an award and your name is on my list. Congratulations!

Raise Them Up said...

I do this with toys and stocking stuffers--like school supplies when they're on sale at the beginning of the school year. I never thought of putting homemade things in there either though! Thanks for the tip!