Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is it a good idea to have a car that runs on chocolate?

I don't think so! That means way less chocolate to EAT which is a bad thing in my book. But engineers from Britain have done just that. The car is also 95% biodegradable with a steering wheel fabricated from carrot fibers, soybean seats and a body formed from potato starch (you think maybe the engineer's favorite toy was Mr. Potato Head?).

"Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What is this world coming to?!," I think in the shocked school marm section of my brain. It was bad enough when they developed corn-based fuel and all the corn producing farmers jumped on that bandwagon leaving us with less yummy sweet corn to eat in the process.

I foresee rising prices, greater demand leading to a tightening chocolate market with less edible cocoa reaching the consumer. NO! Say it isn't so!

[I really shouldn't write first thing in the morning before I've had coffee and am fully awake.]

It is cold again this morning at 42, but we kept the wall heater (natural gas) in the bedroom area going on low all night and so it wasn't freezing back there. Yay! We can close off the hallway to the bedrooms and keep that cozy. This morning I cranked up the heater in the kitchen. It has to cover a lot more area (kitchen, living room and dining room) with some pretty high ceilings so I'm still wrapped in Ivan's lap quilt and my warmer winter robe. I also now have a steaming cup of coffee which is helping warm me up.

It's Wednesday which means Graciela will be coming over in a bit. I wonder if we'll actually read anything today ☺ Last week we didn't even crack our books. Last week they invited us over for lunch and they served us homemade pasta and a sauce that Nestor made with fresh vegetables. Muy rico!

Speaking of muy rico...last night I made black beans and rice and we topped it off with some sour cream AND salsa that my hubby made. It.Was.So.Good! I made a decent amount of beans because I want to mash them and today we'll have Mexican, but there wasn't that much left so the refried bean portion of our meal will be a little skimpy.

Didn't get much done on my quilt yesterday; ended up with less than an hour to sew. But I have it beside my chair in the living room, along with plenty of threaded needles so maybe I can work on it for a few minutes here and there. I thought once my kids grew up I'd have more opportunities for long, uninterrupted sessions of sewing and crafting. Not true. *sigh*

Coffee is finished and I need to get dressed. Leaning heavily towards some sweat pants and sweat shirt to ward off the cold until the sun does its job. By mid-day it should be pretty nice. My kind of climate ☺


Susan D said...

A car that runs on chocolate? Oh no! That's just wrong. It sounds like you could eat the whole car. I'm not sure about all that! -- Last night's meal sounds scrumptious. Blessings, SusanD

skoots1mom said...

nope...i don't want to smell chocolate every time i get in or behind a car...

your dinner sounds wonderful...i ordered alhambre(beef,peppers,onion skewers), chile poblanos, refried beans/rice and cheese dip from Frontera. I was a lazy woman yesterday, i simply must go to the grocery today.

I ended up watching NCIS and not reading my quilting book...
today i'm laundering, and laudering, and laudering.

We're checking out our national day of prayer rally in our town squarre for tomorrow night with my accountability group...if we go, i'll take pics so you can see our town.
Have a great day, JubiSista!!

rita said...

Allá hace fresco, aquí llueve.
Allá comen bien, aquí también--Mike el cocinero oficial ahora que está jubilado :)
Yes, even a great breakfast this morning. No matter, I am always famished when I get home after work. I try to sit down and read your daily blog first thing, but often doze off. Don't worry it has notheing to do with your writing and everything to do with!