Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The moussaka was so good we're having it again tonight

Or maybe it's just because it's been a really busy day and I don't feel like starting something at 8 p.m. So into the oven went some leftovers ☺ Actually though, it is really good -- totally worth all the work yesterday.

This morning Graciela and I ended up talking about native American Indians and their idea of sharing the land as opposed to the European immigrants who had a totally different concept of property ownership. In most of South America it was the Spaniards, in the U.S. it was primarily the English. But no matter, the end result was the same.

It all stemmed from me explaining a picture we have of the Alamo; it's a pen and ink drawing that a friend gave us. So that led to a discussion of the conflict between Mexico and the U.S. and from there to the indigenous inhabitants of Texas.

Just never know where our conversations will go ☺

Then during Spanish class the conversation veered to children's birthday parties and toys that are educational. Mostly because one of the articles I read in the paper yesterday had to do with a new mall opening in Buenos Aires. The article happened to mention that toy stores are not doing so well now.

I have a couple pages of new words I need to make into vocabulary cards.

I don't know if others learning a language have this problem, but I cannot seem to retain a word until I've used it a LOT.

The cold rainy weather continues but it's nice and comfy inside. The hubby did get up in the loft today and haul down our coats. Thick sweaters just aren't cutting it outside now. I asked Graciela how long the weather would be like this and she said the rain should last no more than four or five days, tops. These kind of days are actually pretty unusual for this area. Glad to hear it!

On the way to Nestor and Graciela's this evening we passed a couple of trees that are turning red. We didn't think there were any trees here like that, so it was a surprise (and treat) to see them. Red trees in autumn make me muy alegre!


skoots1mom said...

dd went to bible study and hubby is gone on business for the day, so i had dinner with BeStill&Know and her was wonderfully delish!, i had a veggie plate(cabbage, stewed tomatoes, pinto beans and collard greens with pepper sauce and cornbread, of course!) We even got to enjoy live bluegrass music played by the Skillet the background while we ate...a wonderful Southern night all the way around. i'll post a pick or something later.

it's going down into the 50's tonight...and we'll be in the high 70's tomorrow

i posted a new banner that shows my newly-bloomed flowers :)

cutting grass will be the activity in a day or i did more laundry, made banana bread and will crochet a little while before bed.

have a good night, JubiSista!! bundle up!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Once again, a nice breath of fresh air here in this post.

rita said...

Surprising how many things you can talk about in Spanish!
I'm curious, how do you use your vocab cards? You are not alone. We were told often in Reality Spanish training that it takes 80 to 100 repetitions for words to stick. As teachers that is hard to remember. We get in a hurry to move on. One trainer counted the reps for each word while the other was teaching.

Debbie said...

It would be so odd to never see any change of color in the trees. I always look forward to that.